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Re: [SLE] ...and speaking of SuSE / Novell...
  • From: Andre Truter <andre.truter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 05:25:20 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <173f0b9f0511162125r633d5f45g67ccb08ed02e0a95@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 11/17/05, Peter Van Lone <petervl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >
> > Also, there are many cases inwhich a GUI can consolidate information and/or
> > controls in ways that simply cannot be done effectively with traditional TTY
> > interfaces.
> ding ding ding! We finally have a winner!
> Hello, "world of supposed linux boosters"! --- if you want linux to
> dominate the market, that means it MUST be accessible. To those who
> just need to get their work done, but have not the spare time to
> devote 600 hours to learning the ins and outs of the various CLI
> commands and config files. Please.

Ummm.. I did not need 600 hours to learn any inns and outs. I started
off with Windows NT and then I had to work on a UNIX project.
The people gave me a list of the basic commands, like ls, telnet, etc
and quickly showned me how to use them.

Within a few monts I was soing most of my work on an HP Envizex
terminal and 4 HP servers.
Within a year I had moved over to Linux as my default OS at home.

I also did not have time to learn all kinds of cli commands and
scripting, but I did learn it between all the other work, because I
realised that it made my work easier.

> But I don't have alot of extra time to develop some the expertise that
> I know I will eventually have. So, I put the gui on servers .... I
> configure them to boot to run level 3, but I know that startx is but a
> command away.

I don't have keyboards, mice and screens connected to any of my
servers and I never need to start X.
On some servers I do have some of the graphic libraries installed so I
can run a graphical tool if I need to.
One of the VERY nice things about UNIX/Linux is that you only need one
X server on a machine. I have my laptop running SUSE Linux. I ssh
from the laptop into a server and if I need to run a Graphical tool,
then I just run it via the ssh session. It appears on my laptop
display. No need to go to the server, start X and all that.

Besides, with YaST in ncurses mode, you normally don't need to do all
kinds of cli stuff or edit text files. So, why do you need a whole X

And if you don; like the ncurses version, then just ssh -X root@<server>
# yast2

Bing! There you go, a fully graphical YaST on your laptop, running on
the server, three floors down in the building, or the server might
even be on the other side of the world, as long as you have good
enough bandwidth.

> But if you want to grow linux? ... grow up!

PS: I have grown up and in the process I leant how to use a network
and running graphical tools from a remote system on my own desktop.
Makes life sooo much easier.

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