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Re: [SLE] 8.1 and java
On Sun, 2002-10-06 at 15:42, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Anders Johansson (andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [021006 12:16]:
> ::
> ::The j2re 1.4.1 is something you've installed manually, isn't it? It's not
> ::something included in SuSE 8.1, right? Don't the plugins in the java packages
> ::included in 8.1 work? They should be compiled with gcc 3.2
> ::
> Nope. It fails to load the plugin in /usr/lib/java2 which is 1.3.1 and
> the pkg SuSE installs. It also fails to load the 1.4.1 plugin. Sun's
> JAVA 1.3.1 had a security alert several months ago and it was
> recommended that 1.4.1 be used. Maybe SuSE "fixed" 1.3.1..maybe not. But
> in any case both fail to load. And the thing is..only going to the BBC
> website made me aware of it. Then I checked the about plugins and JAVA
> wasn't listed. I started Mozilla via cmdline and it puked on the JAVA
> plugin only which is weird. It was quite happy to use the CrossOver
> plugins which are compiled with GCC 2.95.X but it wasn't happy about
> either Sun Java2 releases. *shrug*
> I'm quite happy with the "old" Moz compile from Now if I
> could figure out why my machine has frozen solid twice in the last 20
> hours..I'd be happy as hell. It might have been apm and apci which I
> just disabled. I seem to remember AMD machines having issues with this
> lately...although I had no issues with this machine and 8.0. Who knows.
> Maybe 8.0 should have been 7.4 and 8.1 should have been 8.0... *shrug*

Thanks for the info. Just to clarify, the JVMs DO work with local java
programs, it's just the mozilla plugin that is broken?

I have no problem donwloading and installing the Sun 1.4 release as long
as it will work.

Best Regards,
Sing blue silver
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