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Re: [SLE] xfree update, nvidia 2313 and mozilla 0.9.6
  • From: Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 20:01:28 +0100
  • Message-id: <200112081901.fB8J1SU24846@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 08 December 2001 19.51, Tim Harrell wrote:
> I haven't tried the latest drivers yet but I know that 1.0541 wasn't too
> stable with X 4.1.0 on my m/c and I would get severe crashes like the one
> you describe. The old 1.1251 drivers are rock-solid though, even at AGP 4X.
> Here's some things you can try:
> Put AGP at 2x instead of 4x (in the BIOS)
> Make sure you use the NVidia AGP rather than agpgart if you're using a Via
> KT/KX chipset or an Intel chipset. agpgart is unstable for some chipsets
> (you may want to make sure it isn't compiled into the kernel but as a
> module instead).
> remake the NVdriver from source with the option
> Add the following(just to make absolutely sure)
> Option "NvAgp" "1"
> to the Device settings in XF86Config, as this is no longer the default with
> the newer drivers.
> Try putting disableapic as an append parameter in lilo.conf if the above
> doesn't give you a stable system(I know that this worked for several
> people), assuming you have a single-CPU box.
> Be sure to go to for advanced
> troubleshooting and some very good tips. This is basically the FAQ on using
> NVidia drivers in Linux.
> And watch those MTRR settings!
> Good Luck (I'm sticking with good ol' 1.1251 for now)

Thanks, I'll try a few things.

The worst part is that these crashes happen so infrequently, and I'm not sure
what triggers them, so it's very difficult to know what works and what
doesn't. This type of crash has happened maybe four or five times over the
course of maybe a year, so even if I don't do anything it could be several
months till the next crash. Not very nice for the bug-hunters.


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