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Re: [SLE] OT: Creating Rectangles in the GIMP
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On April 5, 2001 01:29 pm, Timothy R. Butler wrote:

> But there is a figure creator in the GIMP? Is that located within the
> main part of the program, or is Gfig something deperate? For the most part,
> as I said, I'm looking for a replacement for Corel PhotoPaint, not Corel
> Draw, so all I really need is to be able to easily create rectangles and
> circles. :-)

It's part of GIMP itself. Here's a basic rundown:

- - Create a new image or load one
- - Right click on the image and select Filters | Render | Gfig...
- - You can create objects or load predefined ones
- - In the lower right corner you can select a lot of options
- I recommend setting "draw on" to new so that it creates a new,
independent layer
- Select your your brush, brush options, etc
- - Click "Paint" at the bottom and your objects will be painted onto your image

It's actually pretty cool, and quite powerful.

Alternatively, you can use something like Sketch in conjunction with the
GIMP. The right solution depends on the situation. If you're going to create
a bunch of objects and then do GIMP effects, try using Sketch first. If you
want to iteratively do things (create figure, use effect, create figure,
etc.), then Gfig is probably the right tool. Remember, of course, that layers
are your friend. :-)*

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