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Re: [SLE] SuSE Inc. Lay offs?
On Friday 09 February 2001 15:33, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
> > Last I saw, for home use the price was $30. Home users simply
> > don't need the whole $80 package, at least that was the
> > rationalle at SuSE.
> I'm both a home user, and a SOHO user on a shoe string budget for
> OSes. I like the features in the Pro edition (I don't want to give
> up any thing that was in 6.4!), but I definately can't pay $70 for
> it 2x or 3x a year.
> > > $79.99 is nothing for most
> > > businesses but it is for home users 3x per year,
> >
> > Right. $90/year if one chooses to update all three times. Unlike
> > Microsoft, updates aren't force fed.
> MS updates aren't force fed, where did you get that idea. Until
> recently my Windows setup was running Windows 98 (first edition)...
> I only upgraded because I wanted Win2k (so I'd see less BSOD's). I
> probably won't upgrade again for years.

You've been reading too many M$ 'white papers'. How long has
Win95 been out? M$ announced they will no sell or longer support it.
Or was that Win98?
That means no one is going to write new software for it or maintain
existing software for it. Win95 users are now frozen in time. They are
on their own little island. They will NOT be able to add a patch to make
the USB more functional, if at all. They won't be able to use the newest
and latest features. Their version of Word won't be able to read *.doc
files written by the W2K version of Word, so if they are in business and
ther customers and sources start sending them W2K docs and email,
etc., they won't be able to read them. Then there was Win98, quickly
followed by the bug fix Win98SE, followed by WinME, Win2K and the
recently announced vaporware, Whistler! When do you think support
for Win98 will be dropped, especially if sales of W2K continue moribund.

If your computer is only a hobby it probably doesn't matter. If you are
feeding your family then it will matter. (Seeing how you said you just
upgraded from Win98 FE, you trully are a hobbiest user.) It's interesting
to note the recent ads M$ ran. They pointed out the lack of stability and
reliability in other OSs to sell the consumer on switching to Win2000.
Those other OSs? Win95 and Win98. Truely amazing! Bill Gates has
been denying for years that there were any bugs in his software or that
they were unstable. Now he's attacking his own software to sell W2K !!!

"God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a
nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a
conviction in the minds of people that these liberties are a gift of
God? Thomas Jefferson - 1781

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