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Re: [SLE] SuSE 7.0

I suppose it's good to hear that someone didn't have any problems. I'm
still struggling with 7.0. It's all of these little odd things. I blew
away my previous installation and reinstalled.

I found out that there were a number of packages that I *thought* had been
installed, but weren't, such as alsa.

One problem in the previous install was it not recognizing my ethernet
cards. This is the server for a home network, connected to the internet via
cable modem.

This time they seemed to be recognized. I thought I'd play with gnome,
which I'm using on the 6.4 setup (if I didn't mention this earlier, I have
two ide drives, I think 3 and 6 gigs, on which is an established SuSE 6.4
system, and I added a 9 gig SCSI drive, on which I'm trying to install SuSE

What I do is manually disconnect the ide drives and connect the scsi drive
to the controller card (a Tekram 390), then run the bios set up and have it
search for the ide drives, write the result (no drives) to disk, and boot.
To run the 6.4 system, I disconnect the scsi drive from the card, reconnect
the ide drives, re-run the bios setup and write it to disk, and let it
finish booting.

I got the 7.0 system running yesterday afternoon, with reasonable net
connectivity for my other machines. Yes, I even managed to log on to the
network from a windows 98 machine, after tweaking my smb.conf file a little

Two problems remained: (1) no printing, neither directly from the console or
from any of the connected machines (the printer is an old HP deskjet 600,
yast offers me the deskjet 500/550 series, and it is lp0, while yast2
recognizes it as a 600, but wants to install it as a "second" printer--and
then yast2 hangs); (2) I changed from kde to gnome (I have helix gnome on
the 6.4 version--very pretty), but netscape won't run, even though there's
an icon for it. And all the other nifty connectivity icons are similarly

So I shut the 7.0 system down last night, and this morning I rebooted it.
Something generated a segmentation fault, either before or after it failed
to find eth1 (the ne2000 card), and then it hit the "respawning too fast,
wait five minutes" message.

I let it sit for a while, then I gave it the three-finger salute, and it
came back up fine. I still haven't solved the printer problem, the cause
for these segmentation fault messages.

Oh, and 7.0 seems to have retained the old directory structure as well as
the new (opt and all that), so there are all these empty bin and var and so
forth directories. I can never remember where anything is, so when I go
looking for like the dhcpd.conf file (so I can give it the correct network
mask), I can't find it. I spend a lot of time checking for likely spots
(why woudn't dhcpd.conf be in the /etc directory? And stuff like lynx
doesn't work, because it can't find any files--it's still set up to look in
the old directory structure, which isn't there. My old samba has the
smbpasswd file in some /smb/private/ directory or other, that doesn't exist
on 7.0.

Right after I bought 7.0, I was doing a search on netscape under the 6.4
system, and thinking about having to transfer over my hard-won bookmark file
to a new system, and wondering if it was worth it to move up. I'm not so
sure it was. Maybe I'll burn the scsi disk off, and go back and re-read the
thread on transferring a current system to a new hard disk.

Anyone want to buy my copy of 7.0? Make me an offer, and I'll give it some

Stan Koper

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Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 8:04 AM
Subject: Re: [SLE] SuSE 7.0

> Edwin Erdman wrote:
> >
> > FWIW I just installed 7.0 on a new box.
> > Tyan Tiger 133 with 2 800 Mh PentIII
> > 256 Mb Ram
> > UDMA 66 Fujitsu hard drives.
> >
> > I just popped in the DVD, told YAST2 to install "almost everything" and
> > went downstairs to watch the Winston Cup race on TV. I did not time it,
> > but it was at least a couple of hours. Everything ran fine except for a
> rpm is _very_ inefficient when the rpm database gets bigger.
> Unfortunately, we are not the maintainers of this program and therefore
> cannot change anything, and those who could won't do it.
> > minor(to me) rpm error reported re PCMCIA. System works fine including
> > UDMA 66 which was just a single click to turn on. I also DID get a
> > screen with which to enter a ROOT password. (This is something a lot of
> > people have been complaining about) With all the FUD I have been seeing
> > re YAST2, I was prepared for all kinds of problems. -- NADA!
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