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Re: [SLE] Windows Emulators
  • From: Rik.Dunphy@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Rik Dunphy)
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 11:34:08 +0100
  • Message-id: <3948B120.29EDEC32@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Jerry Feldman wrote:
> Thanks Rik,
> BTW: Win4Lin is a lighter weight approach than is VMWare. It supports
> only Windows9x.


I had a look at Win4Lin. I remember looking a while back (over 6 months
ago) but they had nothing up on the site back then.

It looks fairly good. It seems to be a good comprimise between WINE and
VMWare. Would suit a small company (or home user) who simply want to run
games or Office, etc. But for a software development company running NT is
probably a necessity. Maybe in the future they'll get around to this.

You have obviously used it so I just have a few questions. Then when they
finally get a trial version up on the website I'll probably give it a go.

Have you used it for long?
Any problems?
Do you know if it supports running a previously installed native windows 9x

The introductory price of $50 makes it even more interesting, but what will
the price go upto for the long term? You can get VMWare for a single user
for $99 so it really needs to remain around the $50 mark to remain

The one downside I see for both Win4Lin and VMWare is the licensing. If I
run a native windows machine I need only buy one copy of Windows for that
machine no matter how many users or on it. But from what I've seen with
VMWare and Win4Lin you would need to buy seperate licenses for each user on
that machine. For someone at home this could be quite costly when compared
to the likes of WINE...


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