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Re: [SLE] HTML-editors needed? Check this out


>> I remember talking to support people for one of my graphics cards and
being informed that there really was not much of a difference between
16-bit and 24 bit since the human eye cannot normally identify that many
colors anyway. How true is that ? <<

The typical human eye has very good ability to detect the difference between
two adjacent colors but relatively poor ability to tell absolute color
values, in the absence of a comparison - "relatively good and absolutely
awful?" The best tonal resolution is in green, slightly less in red and
worst in blue. Even though the eye can occasionally detect banding in
smooth gradient areas, 16-bit color often produces a pleasing result. Until
recently, even the most expensive displays exhibited less tonal resolution
than the human eye can detect. A few CRT monitors now approach full 8-bit
resolution in each of the three RGB components. You can evaluate LCD and
CRT displays for tonal resolution at our web site.

Follow the link to these subheadings.
Display Quality section --> Tonal Resolution

See "Electronic Displays" Wiley - Sherr and "The Reproduction of Colour"
Fountain Press - R. Hunt for a more detailed discussion.

For the HTML police - there is an advantage to using a neutral gray
background in this application. It is a more accurate test if your eyes are
adapted to a nominal ambient.

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