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Re: [SLE] backing up a partition

On Sun, 06 Feb 2000, Keith Warno wrote:
> Hello list.
> Anyone have an idea on how to backup the contents of a _partition_? I'm
> thinking maybe I could use dd but I'm not sure.
> For example, I would like to backup everything that resides on /dev/hda2.
> Ideas/suggestions much appreciated, as always.


I used to do just this with a zip drive.. I created a 'root' filesystem
on a zip cartridge, mounted it as /mnt and then did a 'tar' copy like
# cd /
# tar cfl - . | ( cd /mnt; tar xfSpB - )

Done. You can then make a boot floppy that boots directly off the zip, too.
I might have edited the zip's /etc/fstab to note the new '/' filesystem.
Worked like a charm. I quit going through the effort, though, because
I just haven't had problems to make the effort worth while. :-)



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