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Re: [opensuse-wiki] New wiki host: Final preparations
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:45:38 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912170545p1ecabc4frc892823b52dd5bc0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

2009/12/17 Rémy Marquis <remy.marquis@xxxxxxxxx>:
6. Use of Semantic MediaWiki
Has anything been decided on this topic?

We'll use it but it's still not discussed neither it is advertised in
the Wiki Guidelines. Remy?

I'm not familiar (not at all) with semantic wiki, so input from
everybody is more than wanted (as I understand it, it's a kind of
dynamic categorization, right)
I think the explanation/into to semantic wiki could be merged with the
"Categorization Guidelines" (which is still wip).

See also

2. Home page:
Do you want to keep the right column or should I remove it?
How should the wiki homepage be named?

The frontpage, which should be named Welcome imho, should be a portal of
the portals we will have. So the frontpage should be a copy of

It will be a slightly modified version of openSUSE:Portal_Template.
It's not created yet though. Remy? Shayon?

Unfortunately, I don't really have time to look at this this week...
But would be good to have a basic idea of the Portals that will be
linked on the frontpage:

Shayon actually started to work on that one (WIP)


- Project (overview, communicate, ..)
- Wiki (structure, templates and stuff)
- 11.2
- Development (?)


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