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Re: [opensuse-wiki] New wiki host: Final preparations
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:40:26 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470912160340k9fdfeb2y786e18467b8aa4bf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

2009/12/15 Frank Sundermeyer <fs@xxxxxxx>:
Hi Team,

before officially announcing the new wiki instance ( there
are still a few things to do or to clarify.

see for details

PLEASE: Do not start adding content to wiki.o.o, yet. Let's wait until
everything is in place (hopefully some time this week). However, you are
welcome to test the new wiki - please delete articles once you do not need
them. I will delete every remaining article before we officially start.
Preferred place for testing should be your user page (I will not delete pages
in the USER namespace).

1. Sysop:
I think

Spyhawk (I do not know the real name ;-))

should have sysop rights in the new wiki. Agreed? Have I forgotten someone?

Since you have to have been logged in once, before I can make you sysop,
please log in at ASAP. Once you have done so, drop
me a note including your wiki login name.

I logged in once. My wiki user name is "rhorstkoetter"

In case of problems logging in, please delete all opensuse cookies.

2. Home page:
Do you want to keep the right column or should I remove it?
How should the wiki homepage be named?

The right column has to be removed. The content of that column
actually is offloaded to, just the sponsors need to
be moved to the left column. Afaik Robert's task (he is aware)

3. Namespaces:
ATM we have the same namespaces as on en.o.o (SDB / SDB_Discussion, FAQ,
howto). Let me know if you want to keep these and which ones I should add.

4. FlaggedRevs

Rajko, any hints/input from your side is welcome.

I will try to adapt the CSS to our skin.

User Rights:
Who should have which permissions in FlaggedRevs? Please see

Only the wiki team, i.e. the wiki moderators should have user rights
to FlaggedRevs. Otherwise the whole QA isn't worth it.

5. Lucene Search
This is the only requested extension that is currently not installed. Adding
this would require a considerable change to the server configuration. We have
tested the SphinxSearch extension (Sphinx is even faster than Lucene). The
only difference I noticed was an increase in speed. The search interface
remains the same, and the result list is sorted a bit differently than with
the standard wiki search. Apart from that, no changes. Honestly I do not see
any benefits using an external search engine rather than performance (and that
AFAIK has never been a problem). Whatsmore, the internal wiki search has
improved, too, since MediaWiki 1.5.8

6. Use of Semantic MediaWiki
Has anything been decided on this topic?

We'll use it but it's still not discussed neither it is advertised in
the Wiki Guidelines. Remy?

7. Everything I missed
If there is any other thing you need (configuration option, skin, css) let me


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