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RE: [opensuse-translation] SLE translation team in Weblate
Hi Luiz/All,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to allay some of the concerns and give
some more information. As Stanislav highlighted we will be starting to engage
our translators for these 3 packages by Friday of this week, though we can push
this to next Monday if needed. Our plan is to translate any currently
untranslated strings, fix any fuzzy strings or strings with QA issues. We also
plan to review the suggestion strings. The instructions to the translators for
suggestions is to only make a change if there's a real improvement to the
translation by making the change. If the existing openSUSE string is a good
translation, then it won't be changed.

In addition, we also have Linguistic Consultants. These review the work of the
translators to ensure quality levels are maintained. They will review a sample
of the strings for quality control. The feedback on these will be sent back to
the translators who can them implement the required improvements.

I saw one message regarding terminology. We have a terminology database that
our translators do have access to. This can be found here: This is available for you to access with the
following credentials:
Username: guest
Password: guest

Our goal here is to help supplement the translations you have already
submitted. We feel this is an opportunity to work together to improve the
quality levels throughout the products. This Weblate pilot will help us to
adjust to the new tool, while also building a workflow so we can all contribute
in a constructive way. There will likely be teething issues as we go through
the pilot but I think this is an opportunity to work together in a way that
hasn't happened before.


Padraig Dillon PMP
Localization Account Project Manager
Office +353 1 605 8078 | padraig.dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: Re: [opensuse-translation] SLE translation team in Weblate

Luiz Fernando Ranghetti wrote:

Anybody from the community still can go through the suggestions, and

If it will not be done by community, contracted translators will be
paid to make it 100% translated (and with with no pending suggestions).


Which is our deadline?

Contracted translators should start to translate this week.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
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