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Re: [opensuse-translation] Managing SUSE translations in unified way
Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx> writes:

I need it read-only for a while to move away the files that are not sle
relevant anyway, so the po files are in the correct place. Then it will be
switched back to RW. So something like few hours work and handfull of po
disappearing to the respective devel git trees.

If the file do not belong to the SVN there, just tell me the names and
the reason why, and we will remove them. If they are still needed
there, we do not want to mess with the files.

If you want to perform experiments, just create a branch "for testing".

After this the svn will be writable and I need to find out wether it will be
possible with your tools to use git directly or not. Also wrt the partial svn
checkouts you don't loose that as weblate allows you to download only po file
you desire to work on, or just some set of po files that are from some common
criteria if you don't want to keep the git tree on your local machine.

There are also guys who neither want to use a Web UI nor git. Maybe, we
would switch to git, if git would offer advantages for the whole
translation process.

In theory the final git migration of the main translations repo is not such a
hard requirement because we could use git-svn (I have to ask Michal if it is
possible) but in such case there will be some parts of translations stored in
git (even now they are) and some in svn, and we could actually have
under github and be done with it so there is just one way how to access the

I'm not convinced that I'd like to go that route. Thus far, none of the
software translation files I somehow coordinate is stored outside of the
translation SVN (that's right now; it is actually a
requirement to make use of if you want to have
something translated. It has to be discussed with coolo and the
openSUSE project leads and the community whether that's the right

Of course, nothing it crafted in stone. We can switch repositories if
we see clear advantages. But, just some months ago, we switch from
berlios to (after switching from to
berlios), and I do not feel comfortable to switch now again. There are
more than 100 accounts involved (these are mostly translators and
developers who would have to get used to the new location), written
documentation here and there, and quite some third party tools you are
not aware of.

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