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Re: [opensuse-translation] Re: Managing SUSE translations in unified way
Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx> writes:

Actually the problem is that we have opensuse/sle branches even for
software that is released/branched independently and then put to the
sle/opensuse. Thats why I want to put some of the things into the git
to be next to the devel code (as already webyast is). The rest will be
still branch by release so we match the reality.

If the maintainers would tell me or the SVN admins about these parts
that need a special treatment, we could create a separate directory.

Btw this separate branches agreement would you mind to elaborate which
translations will be used then?
The pro ones or the community provided ones?

Thus far, details are not worked out. openSUSE will come with the
translations done by the community translators and SUSE will "finalize"
these translations for the business products.

That I agree. It is PITA but I think it is long term worth the task as we
finally know what strings are release dependant and whatnot.
Also it seems that only package you do this way is the yast thingu rest is
already done with the src package together.

Yes. In the very past, translation were also shipped together with all
the single yast modules, but then they voted for one translation package
per language (yast2-trans-LL)...

Yeah lots of people hate web, but I think the apps are even more crazy. I
tried to translate on android and my arms hurt pretty much, the touchscreen
thingy is not great for typing too much :-)

;) Happily some devices allow you to connect an external keyboard.

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