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Re: [opensuse-translation] Global localization issues
  • From: Michael Skiba <mailinglist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 08:30:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <2755865.9hZQieV5R3@balthasar>
Am Donnerstag, 26. April 2012, 01:55:14 schrieb Carlos E. R.:
Issue 1: Unmaintained languages

Probably they should be removed from the svn if they had no activity in the
last version, and no new translator has asked to work on it. At worst, if
we make a mistake, the directories can be reinstated, this is svn and it
I completely agree with Carlos, we should remove the dir (if it can be
reverted with no problems, otherwise we can just move it to 50-old or
something similar).

As for the process of filtering them, I don't know if we want to follow the
KDE-approach: They include translations if they are above a certain percentage
level [0] (they split it up in 4 categories each of them having their own

The advantage would be that it should be pretty easy to determine which
language meets a requirement and which doesn't - on the other hand do we
really want to throw away an 50-percent translation? I doesn't look perfect,
but for some 50% is better than nothing...?! (last sentence also applies to
unmaintained languages)

Maybe they should be marked as incomplete or opt-in only (but bare in mind
that for some people it will be difficult to apply the opt-in-process if it's
not in their native language).

It was already mentioned a few days ago, but it gives us a good
example of what's happening: webyast-example-ui.pot was not merged
automagically. The thing is that 48 "teams" still don't have it
merged. This leads me to a conclusion that a number of active teams is
severely lower than a total number of language directories available.
I don't know if we should determine the number of active teams by that, to be
honest I wasn't sure what to do with it myself (as I thought it shouldn't be
done by translators ...).

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