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Re: [opensuse-translation] Build 350 l10n regression
  • From: Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 17:57:27 +0100
  • Message-id: <200911081757.27945.coolo@xxxxxxx>
On Sunday 08 November 2009 17:26:27 Kálmán Kéménczy wrote:
Is it a failure or missing of the "quick emergency packet change"
process? How could we prepare ourself to avoid that kind of issues in
the future? Or is it was too spacial case? I really don't know how it

As Karl said in several mails, we need people not just to care about
statistics, but also about the coordination work and the packaging work.
I mean translating is hard work, but the work is not done when it's
commited to SVN.

So I want people to step up and take responsibility for other languages

I have asked several times, how can I/we help, I have posted several
ideas, but you are the one who see the processes inside. Give us a
clue what should we do to improve the process. I am more than happy if
I could help but I should know the details or what kind of tasks
should I/we do to improve this. That's why I have written my ideas but
we should fit into the system/processes.

Most of us are *just* translators (not developers) and we do what we
can: commit (sometimes this is much more than translation itself,
because we have to know about po/pot, merging, svn, commit). But
that's all what we know about openSUSE product translation process.

By the way, we are not talking about 100% of statistics, we are
talking about 4 big button on the screen of the most used yast module
which was already translated before. I do understand that we cannot do
a thing now (for 11.2) I just want to find out how we could we handle
this kind of situation next time.

In this particular case someone should have thought about it (forgive me, but
I'm just too busy around release time to be that someone) and revert the po
files against the latest submitted package too and remerge. The revert of
yast2-gtk was really to go back to 11.1 code, so all translations are

Developers tend to ignore translations - and I like your ideas how to work
around that fact.

And honestly, I don't want people to understand the current process, I want
some to change and define it. And your last mail makes perfect suggestions,
even if someone still needs to put them into action - let me know if there
is anything you need from me. Now is a good time to talk about changes to
get 11.3 rolling. I did everything I could - this is the release with the
largest gap between hard freeze and release and we saw a lot of minor
translation fixed. And I even translated the download page - but the yast2
module was just a group screw up. The GNOME community wanted changes, the
developer only managed very late to get them in and then people complained
about them and they were reverted even later. But again: translations we
can update, reverting the yast look & feel with an online update would have
been pain - more pain than 4 buttons.

Greetings, Stephan
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