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[opensuse-summit] Re: The result of call for host of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019
On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 at 16:17, Fuminobu TAKEYAMA <ftake@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

In 2017, we have used $9900 for TSP by moving $5000 from the general budget.

For openSUSE.Asia, we usually need much budget for TSP because Asia is very
wide and some people come from Euro. So we need to estimate how many people
we want to invite to Bali from abroad.

I guess Indonesia team can collect enough sponsorship for the budget
(excepting for TSP) from local companies.

Best regards,

Indeed we did, but that required a few preconditions

- the openSUSE Asia 2017 team did an awesome job getting sponsorship
from people other than SUSE so SUSE's $5000 was not needed
- SUSE had to agree to the exceptional reallocation of money from it's
initial intent (Sponsoring openSUSE Asia) to it's new intention
(Sponsoring openSUSE's general Travel Support Programme, which
openSUSE then chose to use for openSUSE Asia TSP). This was very
tricky from a budget planning & financial reporting perspective.

Even if the Indonesia team do the same awesome job as the 2017 team
and get so many sponsors that the $5000 from SUSE is not needed, I
cannot promise that SUSE will be in a position to make the same
financial magic to make that "openSUSE Asia Money" available for the
seperate "openSUSE TSP" budget.
Given the big changes happening in the legal and financial structure
of the company, I don't want anyone assuming that just because we did
something in the past, we will be able to do it again.

That said, I'll do my best to support such an arrangement if it
becomes such a possibility. And I like to think we'll be able to make
it work. But please don't plan with the assumption that we will be
able to do it.



On 2018/10/06 22:14, Andrew Wafaa wrote:
On Sat, 6 Oct 2018 at 11:53, Richard Brown <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Sat, 6 Oct 2018 at 11:26, Ana Martínez <anamma06@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Congratulations Indonesia team! Thanks a lot to both teams for the effort
and eagerness put in the proposals.

The openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee has proved in the last years not
only to take the best decisions to spread openSUSE all around Asia but to
be an ideal example of what community organized conference means. I think
(and I believe that the rest board members agree with me) that a decision
made by the openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee doesn't need the
approval of the board and that you have all our support! The only thing
missing is the sponsorship which involves SUSE as well. The board have
already publicly expressed its desire of increasing openSUSE.Asia TSP
budget (as you can read in our meeting minutes [1]), but this is of
course not official until SUSE approves it. Do you have a budget
estimation or any other detail we should be aware of?

There is a budget in the PDF attached as part of the original
proposals, the grand total is $27,857

$9000 of that is apparently to be allocated from the TSP - Andrew were
you consulted with that? It sounds to me more than we usually have
available for the whole openSUSE project during a financial quarter,
or am I mistaken?

Nobody spoke to me about possible budget.

TSP budget for the Asia Summit is $5000. This year's total ask from
Asia TSP was a total $9600, of which only $5000 was approved as that's
all we have allocated. You're somewhat correct in that the amount is
almost our total TSP budget for a quarter.

I need to try and find some time to sit down and go through the
numbers again. I *might* be able to find some pennies down the back of
the sofa, but it would still need to be approved by SUSE.

For the remaining $16,325 - SUSE typically sponsor openSUSE Asia
conferences $5,000, with any remainder having to be covered by other
sponsors of the event.

Now we have the Asia committees decision I'll bring this to the budget
holders at SUSE for their approval.

Is there any timeline for the sponsorship approval?

As fast as I can get, but it is dependant on the availability of
SUSE's budgets. Given this event will likely happen after SUSE's
transition from MicroFocus ownership to operating as an independent
company, I wouldn't be surprised if the situation is a little more
complicated than usual, but I'm confident we'll figure out a solution.





[1] -


Ana María Martínez Gómez

On Fri, Oct 5, 2018, 17:02 Fuminobu TAKEYAMA <ftake@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

As the result of the votes by representatives of openSUSE.Asia
Organization Committee,
we selected Bali, Indonesia for the host of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019.

Since it will be the second summit in Indonesia, we expect it will be a
great opportunity
to increase active contributors in Indonesia and extend our community in

Thank you, India team for submitting your proposal this year. However,
it is important
that the summit is proposed by a team consisting of openSUSE
contributors. To become a
contributor, we recommend having local openSUSE events like hands-on for
students or a
release party. Another approach is spreading openSUSE at some FLOSS
events in India. We
hope to see you at the next summit and to hear about those activities.

The result of the vote:

* Bali, Indonesia (7)
- Max, TW
- nfsnfs (Lihan), TW
- hashimotosyuta, JP
- Kento Kawakami (kimitoboku), JP
- AL Cho (alcho), TW
- marguerite, CN
- Eric Yeoh, MY

* Faridabad, India (3)
- Sunny, CN
- Hillwood Yang, CN
- ftake, JP

Note that this decision is by openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee and
the next summit
have not been approved by the openSUSE board yet, especially for

Best regards,

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