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[softwaremgmt] Is 1-Click reliable?
  • From: "Cristian Morales Vega" <cmorve69@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 15:47:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <8235e6f40812060647h71dccd40jade41b0c0c4fe811@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I see there are still users complaining about the 1-Click links from not working (meaning they don't have
full multimedia support after using them). The thing is these new
users don't report the problem at bugzilla (even if they write loooong
messages in the forums, who knows why...), and more experienced users
prefer to use lower level methods*.
So, looking at I have
some questions:
- The file lists some repositories and package names, without any
relation between them, nothing more. Doesn't the format allows to give
more info ("install this package only from this repo"...)? If I must
trust you can't
even specify the priority of each repo...
- The file lists "gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good"... well, both Packman
and OSS provide a package with such a name. Which version will be
installed? From it
seems that yast-pkgbindings is the one that makes the decision...
without any special handler, just installs what it would have
installed if I would have manually added the repos (with a "default",
unspecified, priority). The thing is it isn't obvious what
yast-pkgbindings will select on each openSUSE version (see

With this situation it looks pretty difficult to me to create a
1-Click link to add multimedia suppport that will work 100% of time.
You just don't know which package will be installed when there are
multiple packages with the same name (most of gstreamer ones...)
- Package selection (yast-pkgbindings) behavior isn't clear, different
between version.
- Repository addition seems to have undefined cases. Which priorities
they will have? If the user already has Packman with priority X and he
clicks on this 1-Click link what will happen? The priority will be
maintained? The unspecified priority from the link will overwrite the
priority from the user system? What if the user already has Packman,
but from a different mirror? There is a reliable way to identify a
repo? Name, description and URL aren't enough.

* I will never click on "ok" until I see an exact list of which
packages (with name, version, release and arch) are going to be
installed. It would not be a bad idea to add such a list, at least in
a "debug mode", just for testing purposes.
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