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susefirewall2 on a suse 7.2 with kernel 2.4.16 STRANGE things

me and some friend are both running Suse 7.2 with kernel 2.4.16 and a
TDSL connection for internet access. Whenever we access something on the
net, a ping to whatever running in parallel goes up to the skies.
Or in more detail: running mtr (for example) in a shell,
accessing website with heavy data makes the ping times for all hops
skyrocket. With NO traffic I have ping times for all hops of around 40;
when I start surfing they go up as high as 500, sometimes even more.

On MY firewall (p3 450, 128m ram) the ping times go back to normal as
soon as the traffic dies down.
On my friend's 'wall the ping times skyrocket as high as 1000 or higher,
and stay there for at least 10 minutes after the traffic has ended!
Sometimes they skyrocket even without traffic! Imagine how nice that
feels when you're playing online games via that kind of 'wall...

Friends' machine: p1 166, 64m ram...

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