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[opensuse-releaseteam] "Du" or "Sie", that is the question
Hi Dominique and Ludwig,

the German Translation Team has crazy ideas I have to forward.
We have a discussion on our mailing list[0] because of using "Sie" and
not "Du" for speaking with our users. Our suggestion is to switch to
"Du" in the openSUSE-welcome application and to conduct UX tests in the
German community. openSUSE-welcome is only on openSUSE Tumbleweed at the
moment and contains a small po file. Therefore, that is an excellent
application to test how our German users are accepting this salutation.

The "Du" is expanding in Germany at the moment. I receive this offer at
most conferences. Microsoft and Amazon are using that in their German
translation, too. Should we give it a try?

My plan would be:
1) Christian Imhorst is allowed to change all from "Sie" to "Du" in the
opensuse-welcome.po, because he had the idea.
2) I create a poll and ask our community on different mailing lists
after their opinion.
3) If they want to keep that and want to have all in this kind of
translation we can think about changing all. If they want to have "Sie"
we can execute "git reset --hard e4e5a93b8f4e07099e12f289b9c8317622db21c7"

If we follow after other German software translations, we have to pay
attention to other affected Linux distributions:
2) Debian, because they are using some of our translations (some
openSUSE Members are Debian Contributors because of that ;))
3) Translations for different Desktops have to be changed and "all"
Desktop Linux distributions are affected.

What is your opinion about the first step with the UX test for

Best regards,


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