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Re: [opensuse-project] Election campaign page
On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 10:05, Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Stasiek,

Thanks for agreeing to run and posting your platform. I have a few
questions/comments/thoughts in response:

Board Structure - I would be very happy if you could post detailed
suggestions of what Board structure you'd like to see. Given any major
constitutional change will require consent of the openSUSE Membership
(most likely expressed through a vote) I feel this is mostly irrelvant
to your election to the Board - whether you get elected or not, this
topic can be progressed. Indeed, if you do not get elected, I'd still
expect the topic to be discussed, so it seems strange to me that your
platform states you have a general opinion on this topic but you have
not apparently shared it yet.

I have over the years, there is so much of me on various mailing lists,
although I might be forgetting how much of that was said publicly and
how much privately when discussing with members of the community. But
yeah, I rushed with writing this platform, just to get to mailman 3
deployment stuff, because that is one of the things the projects needs
more than me on the board

Role of the Board - You state your dissapointment that the Board does
not involve itself in technical issues, but the openSUSE Board is
explicitly forbidden from "directing or control development". [1]
Are you suggesting not only a constitutional change to the Stucture of
the Board, but also it's scope and role?

Yeah, I wrote that twice in the platform iirc, so it should be fairly
obvious that I expect the board to be a more functional part of the
software side of the project, by codifying currently unenforceable rules
of the project. A lot of guidelines regarding the main missions of the
project have been written a decade ago and never updated or even worse,
moved over from the old wiki, so written over a decade ago. We need to
have a group of people knowledgeable on the main topics of the project's
work, which would keep a pulse of those guidelines, and update them
semi-periodically with the help of the community (yay meetings), so we
don't stay behind the curve.

Trademark requests - speaking from experience, the Board expends a HUGE
amount of energy on Trademark requests under our guidelines [2]. Most
of these have to be handled privately because they are commercially
sensitive to the companies who wish to be using openSUSE while
complying with our trademark guidelines. However there have been some
clearly visible examples, such as the Tuxedo deal which I took
literally years of negotiations before it bore fruit. I would imagine
the way you have dismissively talked about this in your platform might
have hurt feelings in the team you wish to be joining - I certainly
would be pissed off if I was still in the Board ;)

Well, that's not what I meant, and I certainly could have worded it
better. I have a lot of respect to the board's work and mission, and I
never mean to insult anybody or their work in this way. The issue at
hand is public communication about the topics.

Your platform does a wonderful job of discussing what you have done for
the Project in the past, which I absolutely adore and praise, but I am
dissapointed that your platform seems to lack any detail on how you'll
act as an actual Board member. I cannot find any detail that maps to
any of the roles the Board is currently constituted to act.
This is a topic I know you have some experience in so here are some
leading questions I'd like to see you answer and flesh out your
platform with.

Yeah, my platform reflects why I don't contribute to documentation and
bulk of marketing, I'm not good with words, especially with words that
talk about the topics where I'm not sure what will happen when we start
discussing those things within the community. I don't like saying
something I can't promise. I don't know if any of my ideas will come
into play with the new board structure, because that's kinda what
collaboration is, compromise for the well-being of everyone in the

How do you make yourself available for contact by community members?

My email is open. My website, which is in the signature of all of my
emails, lists every single communication method I have. My DMs on pretty
much everything are open. I listen in on openSUSE Discord, openSUSE
Matrix, openSUSE Telegram, r/openSUSE and openSUSE Mailing Lists all the

w much time do you engage with community members every week?

It feels like every waking moment. I have spent more time over the
last 2 years with the openSUSE community than outside.

What is
your view on conflict resolution?

I wish we could just exist without conflict, but I recognize being a
pacifist in today's world is pretty much impossible ;)

How do you currently moderate the Discord channel?

Iron fist (although the other mods tell me I'm too nice, so I'm not so
sure). The rules apply equally to everybody, so even though I am
officially the owner, I would leave for the period of the ban if I got
4 warnings

Would you like to see that philosophy spread broader across the

In the current form, probably not. We still manage to come to
conclusions too fast, leading to some unfortunate situations. I also get
way too heated over some things, so clearly I need to fight with my own
anger management and not let it control the way we moderate. It still
leads to way better general atmosphere than what usually happens on the
mailing lists.

How do you make sure that you dont step on the toes of others when
pushing your agenda and contributions in an area where existing
contributors could be present but struggling?

I think we all step on each others' toes anyway, we just have to allow
ourselves to see the other side of the conversation, and compromise in
ways that still improve the "product" and most importantly each other

The Board's role includes "Facilitate decision making processes where
needed." - should the Board decide when "when needed" applies, or
should the Board only involve themselves when invited by community
members who wish their help in decision making processes?

I think even on this premise, the board doesn't do enough. You can't
expect developers to just have a meeting on a topic, they will want to
do something about it rather than discuss it. Board needs to lead and
organize in those cases, which in the long run might also prevent some
conflict within the project.

What is your opinion of the Project's key sponsor (SUSE)?
How do you intend to communicate and collaborate with SUSE in an
official capacity? What are the first things you're going to ask for?

I tend to be very critical of them publicly, but in truth I know very
well that openSUSE wouldn't be where it is without them. Is this enough
of an endorsement?

LCP [Stasiek]

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