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RE: [opensuse-project] Notes from the board on the recent thread
  • From: <jimmypierre.rouen.france@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 15:55:40 +0100
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From: Marina Latini <deneb_alpha@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 29 February 2020 02:21
To: oS Project <opensuse-project@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [opensuse-project] Notes from the board on the recent thread

Dear Community,

Dear Marina Latini,

several members asked for a clarification and, even if we tried to keep the
desired confidentiality as already mentioned in the other threads, there are
not many alternatives to (at least) partially disclosing what happened in
the >>>last weeks.

*Important*: I have found that some of our forums can be perused on the web. Is
it the case with this one?

For the second time Sarah significantly breached the guiding principles and
how she chose to deal with this situation led to 2/3rds of board members
believing that she should step down from her role within the board.
Well, I have been writing Job Descriptions since 1977 and I always had a
paragraph : Limitations on Authority. I could even limit the Chair from buying
himself a Jaguar, unless it went through the process. In the early 90's, I was
a Director of NPA, formerly CNEPA (in Novell Offices in Provo Utah) We had
meetings that was 03:00AM for me in France, but we did it, it was a team work
and if a particular task was assigned to a Director, he/she knew to what extent
he/she could engage or not.

As all of you can imagine, this decision was not an easy one, and the board
gave her the opportunity to try to solve what happened.
Unfortunately the ultimate outcome was to offer her to step down instead of
publicly removing her from the board per the openSUSE election rules.
I would say that we have learnt from this major incident and need no move
forward, the show must go on!

Christian was the board member against this decision and to our regret
decided to step down.
I am inter-alia a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and one thing
that I evangelize is sub committees. This way "Power" is shared and more people
involved, hence responsibility shared. Many a time, a storm can be confined
within the egg and *do not hatch*.

Best wishes,

Dr Jimmy Pierre

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