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Re: [opensuse-project] Notes from the board on the recent thread
Thank you!

* Thank you, board members, for providing relevant information to the community.
* Thank you, Sarah, for how you are. There were (and are) enough people in our
community who value your position enough to vote for you. This brings the
wanted diversity.
* Thank you, Christian, for standing behind your principles
* Thank you *all* for your work!

I fully understand that the current situation is hard for everyone. The
provided information (and former discussion) helped at least me to understand
it - at least enough to build my own picture.

We are a relatively small project with wonderful people, who choose to work
together in a diverse community. I think everyone knows that even the smallest
groups have conflicts to solve. I think, 'how' these conflicts get solved is a
very important part.


As one of the person's who asked for more details, I think you (as board - and
this includes former and current members) deserve a short explanation from me:

I understand that the whole board tried to avoid a leakage of personal
information and I honor this very high. But for me, everyone decided with
her/his application for the board to work in a public and political
environment. This - sad, but true - includes for me that you should not harm to
talk about conflicts and even ongoing discussions happening in your work as
board member. I voted for you to represent my interests. These interests do not
stop with the election. Without getting involved "somehow" in your work, I
don't know if you are (still) representing my interests.

I expect discussions inside the board meetings, I expect that board members
have different opinions - and I expect that most of the time these different
opinions could be "merged" in discussions. But I also know that sometimes this
might not be possible. This is the time when I expect the board to be open and
allow every board member to express his opinion publicly: to gather feedback
from the community.

Handling personal conflicts that are carried towards the board are of course
sensitive. I understand that these kind of discussions are better kept
internal. But I'm speaking about conflicts between members of the openSUSE
community here.
If there are conflicts inside the board, I like to know about them. Not in
every deep detail. But enough to understand the positions. Again: you as board
member decided to take a public, political job. Hiding behind something like
'don't talk about the fight club' rules is NOT why I voted for you.


With deepest respect and greetings to everyone in our community,


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