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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board election 2019-2020 - Final candidates list

On 1/29/20 2:18 AM, victorhck wrote:
El 28/1/20 a las 7:05, Simon Lees escribió:

Another thing I alluded to above that I discussed with some of the team
at Asia summit last year was the fact that many of our tools and
processes for development are really easy to contribute to if you have a
good understanding of english (this probably also extends to things like
this board election) for example without understanding some basic
english you would struggle to follow these discussions and no who to
speak to. At the same time I am friends with many members of our
community on facebook and when they post something in there native
language I get a great "see translation" button that I can press and
have a reasonable understanding of the conversation. Personally I think
we should be looking at how we can adapt something like this into our
tools such as bugtrackers and obs so that its possible for people who
dont speak any english to contribute to more parts of the project. This
would obviously take alot of work and probably isn't even possible with
our current bugzilla. But the board is probably an ideal place to put
together some form of joint business plan to work toward a open source
auto translation platform (if one doesn't exist) then get it integrated
into things like obs. Maybe this is a product some of SUSE's customers
would be interested in, maybe not, but having such a feature would give
openSUSE a unique advantage when it comes to attracting contributors who
don't speak english to open source development.

Thanks for your feedback and prompting us to do better here, at every
openSUSE related conference i've been to there has always been a couple
of users that come along and get inspired to be more involved and I
think that's fantastic so i'd encourage everyone to come to a conference
at some point if they can.


In the same mail, you speak about language barriers and your desire to
inspire more people attending to a conference.
For some people, language is a problem to attend to a openSUSE conference...
It's hard to attend to a conference where maybe you won't understand
almost nothing!
Should be exists a "translation button" to help people (like me) with no
skills with English, to help in conference! :)

've phun!

This is a good point, at openSUSE Asia Summit a significant percentage
of talks are in the local language, if there are people willing to
organize summits in other locations I think its a model that could be
worth replicating. But it probably needs 3-4 strong committees in a
similar region to be sustainable (or to partner with some other
conferences already running in that region).




Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
SUSE Linux Adelaide Australia, UTC+10:30
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