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Re: [opensuse-project] and incorrectly describe openSUSE
Torsdag den 30. juli 2015 07:43:43 skrev Douglas DeMaio:
On 07/29/2015 07:25 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
How best to see that corrections get made? Looks like maybe

How about:

openSUSE is a Linux based-project and distribution sponsored by SUSE
Linux GmbH and other companies. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere,
the project provides free and easy access to its Leap and Tumbleweed
releases, which provide a user-friendly desktop, and feature-rich server
environment. The project's Free Open Source Software tools like YaST,
Open Build Service, openQA, Snapper, Machinery and Kiwi empower and
enhance the practice of developers and system administrators.

I think Distrowatch is very focused on distributions as such, and not projects
and non-distro tools etc. At least I know Exherbo couldn't get listed there,
because they don't do actual releases. I also think users visiting initially are more interested in the distro "product" itself
than the project as a whole.

Maybe it would be better to try and have them list openSUSE Leap and openSUSE
Tumbleweed as two separate distributions (note Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE
etc. are listed separately), with a short description of what each distro is

E.g. something along the lines of:

"openSUSE Tumbleweed is a bleeding edge, rolling release Linux distribution,
suitable for developers and experienced and forgiving users, who are
interested in following the latest free software/open source developments.

It is a community distribution developed openly by the openSUSE project using
the openSUSE instance of Open Build Service and it is the upstream for the
SUSE Linux Enterprise line of products."

"openSUSE Leap aims to be a stable, productive distribution for desktops and
servers. It's based on SUSE Linux Enterprise, but with additional and updated
packages. A major release occurs every 3 to 4 years, with regular releases of
service packs with up to date desktop software, while keeping a stable and
consistent base system.

It is a community distribution developed openly by the openSUSE project using
the openSUSE instance of Open Build Service."
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