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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Thoughts on the UEFI fee?
On 13/06/12 06:47, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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On 2012-06-12 22:18, Ricardo Chung wrote:

As far as it's tested, LiveCD are not impacted. Said so, you could be
able to boot a LiveCD to play it Live Only. Not installing it. Though
is possible it will change next months.
Mmm... this doesn't make much sense, booting anything is dangerous, it
could be a virus. This is what they are trying to protect, people booting
unsecured things. Once a malware boot code in a CD boots it can do lots
of damage to a computer.

I guess that I must be completely missing the point here about this subject.

People have been booting a virus/malware-attracting system for decades - and people are still alive and the world has kept revolving[****].

People have been booting Linux systems for 2 decades and updating them, and installing new applications on them, and no Linux system has been taken down by a virus/malware - and the world has just kept on revolving in this period...

So why, suddenly, is this UEFI-thing come to the forefront? Nobody knew about this UEFI-thing beforehand, and now, out of the blue, Microsoft comes out with it - and everybody is supposed to go into panic mode?

Has someone been "asleep at the wheel", or am I missing the point about all this?

[****] A multi-million dollar industry exists because of this. What is their reaction to this UEFI-thing considering that they will be losing $millions and laying off people?


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