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Re: [opensuse-project] Membership - Part n (and hopefully the last part?)
On Mon, 2012-02-27 at 16:06 +0000, Nelson Marques wrote:

You are starting to loose any respect I and many others had for you by
acting in such a playground manner. I genuinely admire the work and
effort you have put in with getting Banshee cleaned up and updated, and
also the effort you put in for both Unity and Cinnamon; but seriously,
acting in this manner is absolutely pointless and counter productive on
*everyone's* part.

I don't recall any paladins in my defense when I was called amongst
other things a NAZI supporter, and other lack of respect.
So please push the eject button. It wasn't me who started the war, but
I'll gladly finish it.

You are getting a name for yourself as being nothing more than a troll,
an extremist of the worst kind. Is that how you wish to be known? You

Better than a NAZI :)

may not agree with how the project works, but instead of being
condescending and belligerent about it try being constructive. Nobody
expects to please 100% of the community, it's an impossible task, but if
you genuinely have objections raise them and when you do provide both
evidence as to why you fell it doesn't work and how you would propose to
do it differently.

Sure... I should eat it all up and shut up and play nice :) I haven't
played my last card yet.

If you don't want to proceed in a sane manner, please just keep your
warmongering to yourself as it has no input into the project. You have
managed to derail far too many threads on various mailing lists for too

All the best to you, I have no beef with you.

You see, you unfortunately don't grasp the issue here. Speaking as a
contributor to openSUSE and *NOT* as a board member, you most certainly
have beef with me as you have beef with the project.

More importantly, I have serious issues now with your behaviour towards
the openSUSE project. If nothing else you're attitude on this thread
alone shows how poisonous and twisted you are. I am only continuing this
thread to show to others that it is not just the negative, trolling,
poisonous people that can be noisy but also those that bring some
objectiveness to the table.

You've said you are leaving the project mailing list, so please do. Oh
and being childish and quoting EU directives is completely unnecessary.
You may of course request any information we hold on you be deleted, but
using it in a threatening and belligerent manner is disgusting and
immature. If you are unhappy with being treated like a child throwing a
tantrum, you may wish to assess your actions first.


Andrew Wafaa
IRC: FunkyPenguin
GPG: 0x3A36312F

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