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Re: [opensuse-project] future features
On Monday, April 04, 2011 12:07:16 PM Jos Poortvliet wrote:
Hi all,

I've received a few requests already from ppl asking "what will the next
openSUSE release bring". Now I know a few things being worked on, from
Webpin2 to the bretzn/appstream stuff. And of course the obvious "latest
software packages". But I guess there are other ideas people would like
to work on, right?

Now I know, it's not done to advertise things when you don't know if
they will be finished. But we're not a company, and if 5 of the 20
projects we say we're working on doesn't make it for the next release,
well, that's not so strange. Not advertising anything because "we might
not get it done" is bad for us - we're already seen as not-innovative
and that's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nobody, after all, will
join openSUSE development if it is seen as boring. So it will BE boring
just because of that.

We've done pretty OK with our 11.4 release in terms of features, so now
people want to know more. Let's try and give them that.

If you plan to work on something cool, say it. Don't keep hiding under
that bloody rock just because you might not have time or because you
think it's not important! Please give us marketing peeps something to
talk about, so openSUSE will be seen as cool again and you'll see- self
fulfilling prophecies can work FOR you too ;-)


/me who is annoyed that every ubuntu beta fart without any noteworthy
feature still gets a dedicated article on his favorite dutch IT news
site while a final openSUSE release doesn't get the slightest mention :(

I am not the one to wrte to much because ideas go shattered by the way I am
going beyond the central point.

Well, everybody here have a good point of view since their own perspective. I
mean people claiming funcional features not too much innovative is right.
People claiming new features or beautiful features is right too. People
claiming for more and better documentation to know how those features or new
tools works is rigth too because sometimes is not practical or desireable to
ask silly questions on irc channels again and again whenever is well

We need to solve everyone issues above despite we are not enough to deal with
all issues. We need developers, designers, artworkers, business people,
writers, testers, engineers, sys admin, network admins, architects, etc...
users (new, intermediate, advanced) . We need to accept we are not open enough
to new ideas or changes the way we do our regular stuffs and tasks. We feel
too comfortable doing the way we do because it works mostly for our own needs
and If really want to take advantages from other people knowledge base we must
be open to do something differently, to try another way, to extend our tools
beyond us.

New projects or innovative projects need spread the voice out to get
developers attention too or measuring other users interested in that project
or new feature because it would be useful to complete their tasks in a better

Announcing a new project make expectation and put some pressure to get to the
end if it find collaboration or interested people on it.Doing so do whatever
is necessary to accomplish it.

I know, I know, we need more hands on it. We do not have enough time to deal
with all. We are only a bunch enthusiastic people spending our spare time or
sometimes our work, family, etc. time in this or other project. We need
helping hands and we can get those hands announcing it, writing each phase we
are and what we need to accomplish it.

Sometimes we do right, sometimes we do not do the best but we are doing what
we want to do and doing it everyday.

Cheers up,
Ricardo Chung | openSUSE Linux Ambassador

openSUSE 11.4 | KDE 4.6.00 release 6 |
Mesa 3D-Nouveau Gallium 7.10 video drivers
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