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Re: [opensuse-project] future features
  • From: James Mason <bear454@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 11:30:48 -0700
  • Message-id: <>
I'd like to see us build some more media-friendly apps. Boxee, in
particular, annoys me by being Ubuntu-only. Kudos to yaloki for
breaking Handbrake out of the *buntu jail, but we still need more
polish there.

- James Mason 'bear454'

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 11:25 AM, Kim Leyendecker
<kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am 04.04.2011 19:57, schrieb Martin Schlander:

Mandag den 4. april 2011 18:07:16 skrev Jos Poortvliet:

we're already seen as not-innovative
and that's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nobody, after all, will
join openSUSE development if it is seen as boring. So it will BE boring
just because of that.

We've done pretty OK with our 11.4 release in terms of features, so now
people want to know more. Let's try and give them that.

Why? I thought the strategy was making something productive, not hyped
"innovation" for the sake of innovation.

I think it´s just a consequence of the problem, that they are lesser
developers as needed. A interesting project will bring some developers with
it. And everybody likes it to create something really _important_ and
_world_changing_, So his mail was just a little *bait*.

I think you're overestimating the importance of "new (distro specific)
People are craving for something that works and is usable. And whenever
something changes a little bit half of the users will whine like crazy -
praise the innovation.

What innovation does Debian or Gentoo or Arch do? ... They just ship
and they don't seem to have much trouble being hyped or attracting

We should just accept that there are no resources for major innovations
(except susestudio and webyast which most users have no interest in) and
realistic, honest goals. We can barely maintain the distro as it is.

And I think we'd be much more succesful if we could deliver functional
NetworkManager and updater applets for the first time in years, than
some hyped "innovation".

I think, the main goal for openSUSE 12.0 (I think it would be 12.0, please
don´t start another pointless discussion about version numbers here, it´s
all said what can be said.) is GNOME 3.x. The next openSUSE release will
ship GNOME 3.x from the very beginning of the development cycle as I
understood it right. So our GNOME-team has a lot to do, but also the
marketing team and we´re, the Ambassadors, because we all have to promote
the new GNOME release for openSUSE, so that the user will use it, and not
the old GNOME 2.x series (Yes, KDE is also an "alternative, but some people
doesn´t want to use it.... I don´t understand them at all, but....)

So, let us do something great on the GNOME side of the new release. This
will be enough work, I think.

openSUSE 11.4 is stable and current as well.


Firefox 5 and KDE 4.7 will give us other goals too, and LibreOffice will be
changing some things of his suite and his interface soon.

Apart this, there´s the "distrocreating-as-usual"-work. The kernel needs
also love as YaST and zypper.

_When_ we solved this issues, we can think of something special, but
openSUSE is also a big number on some servers. Servers need stable systems
for a well running. This should be a goal too.

just my $0.02

Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)
openSUSE Ambassador / openSUSE Wiki Team DE
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