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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Strategy Discussion: For the productive poweruser
  • From: Martin Schlander <martin.schlander@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 13:22:29 +0200
  • Message-id: <201008021322.29326.martin.schlander@xxxxxxxxx>
Mandag den 2. august 2010 12:28:32 skrev Cornelius Schumacher:
Could you define "poweruser", so we are all on the same page when talking
about it?

When I first wrote it, I was thinking along the lines of this categorization
which is used in the openSUSE surveys:

"Experienced user without technical skills: you do updates and configure your
computer as you like it"

96.8% of the respondents in the survey were in this category "or better" btw.
( , pg. 2)

I also explicitly added to the proposal that you don't have to be a developer
or a sysadmin to be considered a poweruser, but nevertheless the word
"poweruser" seems to give the wrong impressions. So I think it would be better
if everybody just forgot about the word "poweruser", and rename my proposal


"openSUSE - For the productive poweruser"


"openSUSE - The powerful, professional, productive community Linux-distro"

I think that conveys the message I originally intended better :-/

== Activities ==

The proposal doesn't list the build service or anything else, which is not
directly part of the distribution. What would be the place of this
infrastructure, community, etc. in this strategy?

I think everything begins and ends with the distro.

OBS and Studio etc. are "just" means to the end. But I think they fit well in
this strategy - since they're very powerful, professional and productive tools

Maybe part of the "problem" is that we're trying to define our goals (what to
do) _and_ strategy (how to do it) in one go. Maybe I tend to focus more on
creating a mission statement and identity for the project - and not so much on
how to actually carry out the mission.
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