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Re: [opensuse-project] independence
  • From: Trifle Menot <triflemenot@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2010 20:59:01 +0000
  • Message-id: <201006082059.o58Kx1Ym030379@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 8 Jun 2010 15:32:28 -0500, Alberto Passalacqua
<albert.passalacqua@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

2010/6/8 Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Well AJ, I still don't know which place you occupy in the organigramm
(if any) but that "Plonk" didn't earn you a lot of credits.

This has to be a joke, I hope, really. It doesn't take a lot to
understand AJ's role at Novell, just use Google.

This said, what should AJ do? Should he accept the non-constructive
criticism of someone that comes saying we should be absolutely
independent from Novell just because:

- He does not like Novell
- Novell signed a deal with Microsoft (seems to be the reason of the
end of the world...)
- One day, maybe, Novell could not support the project anymore (the
same thing could be said of all the projects backed by companies:
fedora, ubuntu, mandriva, openoffice, mysql, ...) ?

The last point might be valuable, but the way he puts things makes his
point invalid.
He suggested to completely change the nature of the project, in a
manner that is not realistic and probably not even interesting for the
openSUSE community.

The need for more independence has been clear for a while, and both
Novell and the openSUSE board have been working to that trying to set
up the openSUSE foundation. What is not clear is the request of being
completely independent from Novell, as if Novell were the absolute
evil. Until today, if you are using openSUSE, you can say thank you to
Novell, which surely made mistakes as all of us, but also took almost
all the effort and the risk of developing openSUSE.
I honestly did not see an army of volunteers when the community was
looking for them, and it is a bit childish to claim "it's due to the
deal", because if a contributor is really motivated to do something,
he tries to understand before judging, as we did.

About credit, I don't think AJ's merits are under discussion here, and
in a moderated environment this discussion would have ended long
before this. Who loses credit is who talks about the project without
even knowing the basics, without having an idea of things that have
been under his eyes for years (see sponsorship, to cite a simple
example), and then suggests changes that he might like, but would
simply risk to compromise the project much more than the potential
risks he is talking about.

Your're wildly overreacting to my comments.

As for sponsors, what percentage of the total budget do the non-Novell
sponsors contribute? Is it more than 5%? If not, they don't help much,
other than serving as poster children for project propaganda.

The majority of opensuse development is done by salaried developers paid
handsome sums by Novell. But the project calls for unpaid volunteers to
do work too. Fine, I don't have a problem with that. But if you expect
me to donate my time, the project needs a self sustaining infrastructure
that can survive without a major corporate sponsor. I'm not wasting my
time on a project that can go down the drain, because the major sponsor
pulls out.

Since you missed it, or refuse to read it, let me say it again. I'm not
crusading against Novell, I don't care if the KGB sponsors opensuse.
But as long as the project uses infrastructure which relies on a single
major sponsor, the project is too fragile to attract a large community
of unpaid developers.

You can change that, but you will have to open your mind and change your
provincial attitude first.

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