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Re: [opensuse-project] openFATE feature #306967 , my KDE summary
  • From: Karsten König <remur@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 10:30:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <200908031030.28289.remur@xxxxxxx>

I hope this gets the discussion cooled down and focused a bit more...

Am Montag, 3. August 2009 09:41:17 schrieb Vincent Untz:
I read the whole thread (I think), and didn't want to reply because I
don't feel it's useful to just add more comments that will then get
debated again and again... (And there are a few sentences here and there
about GNOME that I strongly feel I should have commented, fwiw)

This stuff creeps up everytime both are mentioned in one sentence, there sure
are a lot of questionable kde views as well in there, not replying to these
helps best.

My issue is that most people in this thread are biased (that's fine) and
do not try to understand the point of view from other people. The latter
is not fine since it's what makes this thread loop. At some point,
people should just say "fine, let's agree that we disagree" instead of
stating the same point of view one more time ;-)

I won't write a GNOME summary because I don't know what it would be.
Only a few people from the GNOME team replied (with slightly different
opinions, I think) and several people didn't bother replying when the
thread started going nowhere. Also if the discussion has to be
polarized, it should be in a "for this feature"/"against this feature"
way, not GNOME/KDE -- it makes no sense to discuss it this way, unless
we want to split our community.

Yes, I as KDE users know happy GNOME users and I'd not dare converting them,
except some snippy remarks we throw at each other =)

Again, I'll point out that what should be discussed first is not if KDE
should be the default, but if we want a default, and if yes, how the
default should be expressed (pre-selected radio button, first item in
the list, or even removal of the choice during the installer steps,
etc.). The question of what the default should be is orthogonal to this

But you do know that it will come right up afterwards, eh?
Anyways, I think the reasons for a default selected option are valid, we are
the only distribution interrupting the user here, new users can't decide on
what's provided. Screenshots won't help as well, they will just look
different, and writing longer text about the different options sure would be
nice, but I don't know how to explain differences between GNOME and KDE to a
user that only knows windows, as both have their email application, file
browser, etc...
The subtle differences are hard to explain, but make everybody who knows them
toggle their selection of choice right away. That's why the selection dialog
should stick around, it's a good starting point, most people have their
personal preference already and we should not skip asking them for it,
selecting the main preference with schemes is not very intuitive to begin

The text about the choice could be rephrased that opensuse values choice,
respects everybodies preferences and invite new users to try out the different
environments so they don't have to rely on default decissions made for them,
which might not meet their personal taste.
This of course is true for everything included in openSUSE, people are free to
dislike their default mail application, file manager, games, httpd etc and
replace them =)

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