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Re: [opensuse-project] Invitation to OpenSUSE developers
  • From: Mark Shuttleworth <mark@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 09:57:08 +0000
  • Message-id: <456AB674.9040707@xxxxxxxxxx>
Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> There's been a lot of confusion and misrepresentation - and maybe not
> the best reaction from Novell to all the concerns and fears that the
> contract raised - but I do see us on the same side: as part of the
> open source community.
> Mark, I'd like to invite you to discuss what possibilities we have to
> work together against the domination of Microsoft on the desktops -
> instead of fighting against each other.
> I would prefer to see more users switching from Windows to Linux than
> just Linux users switching distributions.
Agreed, and I'm very happy to look for ways in which we can improve
collaboration between Ubuntu and SuSE. We all want to see Linux
distributions get stronger, and the proprietary platform forced to
compete on a more open and healthy basis, and collaboration between
distributions improves our chances of achieving that goal.

There is room for many Linux distributions, and SuSE has obviously
earned its place at the table through its long history of technical
excellence. My mail was in no way denigrating SuSE, it was only pointing
out the existence of the Ubuntu Open Week to those developers who happen
to be looking around now because of the Novell stance on patents and the
related Microsoft deal. And these concerned developers do exist - I've
fielded several personal emails from SuSE developers shocked at the deal
and looking to find out what Ubuntu's position on these matters is, with
a view to switching if their questions are satisfactorily answered.

I don't in any way blame the SuSE community for the Novell deal. It's
not your fault that Novell accepted the terms of Microsoft's offer,
perhaps without thinking of the consequences. But make no mistake that
the consequences will be severe if Microsoft is allowed to maintain
their view that the deal entitles them to claim that any Linux
deployment must pay them a patent licence. Samba, the kernel, X, and
many other pieces of the Linux desktop would be severely compromised if
that pans out the way Microsoft would like. This is a serious, serious
threat. I'm working hard to make sure that anybody, anywhere in the
world can use a computer free of charge and study how it works - and
this deal is a major offensive by the other side. Bruce Parens, the
Samba Team, the Open Invention Network and others have all spoken out in
protest because they can see what a devastating effect it will have if
Microsoft carries the day on this one.

I know many SuSE developers share the same goals as the Ubuntu project,
so collaboration should be our primary goal. And I'm happy to work with
you to figure out how we do so. Perhaps we can devote some time during
the Open Week to discussing collaboration between distros, too? You'd be
welcome to join us. Also, I would be happy to visit your next meeting,
or online forum, to talk about this further, just let me know when and

(gpg-signed to avoid further speculation on authenticity :-)).

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