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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers - please check your "Url:"s

On 22/03/2019 20:19, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 3/22/19 9:41 AM, Simon Lees wrote:
Well I say this because I know of a number of packages are poorly assigned,
unassigned or assigned to someone who doesn't have time to take care of them
and its in everyone's best interest that packages are assigned to people who
actually have the time to take care of them properly. Hopefully the more this
gets passed up the management chain the sooner it will be fixed.

I don't know how often I need to repeat this, but: Those packages are mainly
used by
the Public Cloud Team and we need them to be working and installable for our
routine. If someone else messes with them without understanding the
you are hurting us. I just kindly ask people outside the Public Cloud Team not
touch the packages without talking to us.

Unfortunately that's not how the openSUSE project works, we welcome contributions from anyone who feels interested enough in creating them, if the contributions break something or don't meet standards maintainers are more then welcome to reject the changes and give feedback as to what changes need to be made in order for the change to be acceptable. In openSUSE creating a submit request is a perfectly valid form of "talking to us"

If I thought this was an isolated issue I wouldn't have mentioned it. One of
the next things on my todo list is to fix the fact that there are a significant
number of packages inside Leap that are inherited from SLE that either have no
maintainer or no maintainer inside SLE which essentially means there is no easy
way to get maintenance updates into Leap.

Except that I don't have an issue with the maintenance at all. The reason the
to the Azure package stack was a bit stalled was because upstream made changes
to the
namespace packages which broke my packaging workflow so I had to made some
while also spotting some bugs upstream and reporting them.

Yep and in this case the d:l:p maintainers should have given you reasonable time to add a comment in the SR explaining why you couldn't accept those changes at the moment.

Please don't automatically assume incompetence. And I'm certainly not
overwhelmed by the
load, I am doing way more than just maintaining these packages.

I'm not assuming incompetence, but you were complaining about the amount of emails and not being able to respond to them which tends to suggest a problem with workload.But I kinda understand this, I feel like I have a billion mail filters so that I only read the obs emails I care about and not the 10,000 a month that I don't.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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