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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: Python packages naming rules

On 24.8.2017 09:23, Sebastian wrote:
All Python module packages, whether pure Python or C-based, should be
called python-modulename. modulename must be the name of the package in
the package's, which is equal to the filename of the source

I would remove the "equal to tarball filename" part. There is no guarantee
about that.

tarball. If this differs from the name on the Python Package Index, the
official third-party software repository for the Python programming
language, the packgage should provide this name too.

better: "package should also provide 'python-<pypi name>'

Maybe also something about packages without "When a package doesn't
exist on PyPI and no is present, the <modulename> is left to the packager discretion.
Upstream preferred name,
tarball name or site-packages directory name are reasonable choices."

And does the Packaging guidelines change process apply here? IMO
it does.

We are discussing the change right now, so that can be checked off :) Other
than that, let's see.
This is a clarification of ambiguity, and for 99 % of packages it does not
represent a change.

We *could* test this in rpmlint though. That would catch messed up packages
that now definitely
exist. We could get a pypi-checker that would also verify Requires against and requirements.txt
(i hereby propose a rpmlint check, that's another point done ;) )
Seriously though, this would be nice, but requires some amount of work for
which I definitely don't
have the capacity right now. Putting it on the long-term TODO, contributions

Even as a clarification, it's worth announcing, so we might want to let the
Package Guidelines Team

I don't think we need to bother with a RFC and a 14-day wait for this; in any
case, we can start
using the guideline even before "formally accepting", because, again, it's
resolving an ambiguity.
But of course feel free to send a RFC if you think it should be done.



On 08/22/2017 05:54 PM, Thomas Bechtold wrote:

On 21.08.2017 14:37, jan matejek wrote:
On 18.8.2017 16:41, Thomas Bechtold wrote:
There is a difference if we translate pip requirements (eg via
metaextract[1]) to rpm requires
(assuming that other pip packages use the correct name). The name we
should use is then one that is
written in the file. Which is "gogs_client". So
the correct name is imo
python-gogs_client .

That makes sense and disambiguates the package name.
How about this for a policy:
Package should be named as python-< `name` field>. If this is
different from PyPI name (e.g.
gogs_client as name, gogs-client as pypi name), then
python-<PyPI name> should also be

Sounds good to me.


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