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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Automatic submission of changes to Factory
On 30.01.2012 09:54, Vincent Untz wrote:

Coupled with the factory-auto checks, this means that changed packages
that don't build won't get through. (This has one issue, though: if a
package failed to build because of another package being broken and got
automatically submitted, it won't be automatically submitted again when
the other package gets fixed)
Note, that factory-auto won't automatically decline build failures. It
just doesn't accept them and I review those manually. So if it's
obviously a problem with some other package, it's fine and I will just
leave the request in review or even accept it.

However, automatic submission is something that some people might not
want. For instance, in GNOME:Factory, that'd be insane as we generally
need to push several packages together and we do this after testing G:F.
Therefore, there's a way to disable this automatic submission for either
a whole project, or specific packages. Right now, this way is a
hardcoded list, but we'll likely use attributes in the future.

If you want to *not* have automatic submission for your project or your
package, please tell me!

For reference, a test run on Friday gave this result:

- 375 packages to be automatically submitted.
- 179 packages with changes, but no difference in .changes.
A lot of those are not changes but just not branches from factory. As
factory is no longer changed during checkin, the number of those will go

- 73 packages with changes, already submitted in the past but
- 78 packages with changes, already submitted.
- 5 packages with changes, but autosubmit disabled.
I'm happy that you make this a black list.

Also note that I'm working on another "service", that will send out
reminders with summaries of factory TODOs.

Greetings, Stephan
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