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[opensuse-marketing] Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] PromoDVDs 11.3 - clear our stock
On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 05:46 +0000, Nelson Marques wrote:
On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 4:31 AM, Bryen M. Yunashko <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 03:47 +0000, Nelson Marques wrote:
On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 3:34 AM, Miguel Barajas <migbarajas@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi there,

Maybe there is a couple of Technology magazines in Mexico that will
be interested on ships promo dvds, how many disk can you give away?


Great idea. Could be interesting to approach also other magazines and
friendly press to distribute them, and maybe advertise already for the
upcoming 11.4.



Actually, that would be precisely why magazines would be less likely to
want to distribute older 11.3's.

So you don't know for sure? Miguel seems to believe otherwise, maybe
not your regional zone, I'm sure that in some zones of the world they
would probably be welcomed, specially when internet isn't served like
in Europe.

What does internet-impoverishment have to do in this case? If a
magazine wants to do a coverage about openSUSE and we're just days away
from 11.4, why would we send them "old news"? The cost is just the same
if we send a boxful of DVDs to a magazine whether it is 11.3 or 11.4.
And by the way, shipping a large quantity of DVDs is not cheap, we're
talking in the hundreds here. So naturally, we'd want the best press
possible and send them the 11.4's. And there are two ways to do it.
We either send a bunch of promo DVDs (as we are doing in one case) or we
send them the GM when its ready (as we're doing in another case) and
they burn it onto their own distributed DVDs. Both of these cases, by
the way, are in the planning, on the magazine editor's part, many weeks
before the actual publication. One planning actually began in early
January. And making sure they get their DVDs in time for magazine
publication is high on the priority list currently.

If Miguel has an in with a particular magazine, he should connect the
two parties together so we can be sure to give them good coverage

In both cases, internet access is immaterial to the shipment of DVDs to
the magazines.

Your reasoning is still based on distributing to individuals, and that
isn't changed here. There is a method to how we engage with the press
media (or how anybody engages with press, for that matter) and its
different than in this case. I'm not disputing Miguel's efforts to
reach out to local magazines in his region, only that we can give the
magazines more current DVDs, considering the timeline we have before
Final Release, and the fact that magazines plan way ahead for their
editorial schedule. They don't decide, "Okay, someone just walked into
our office with a boxful of DVDs, let's change our whole publication
immediately to accommodate that. Stop the presses! We're sending out a
openSUSE-dedicated magazine tomorrow!" That's not how it works with
magazine editorial planning.

If, however, a magazine wanted to do some coverage and DVD distribution
and our next release was still 2-3 months away, then sure, heck yeah, we
should send whatever is in our current stock. But when its just around
the corner... do the math, dude.

They'd want to be current and provide
press coverage for the next release, not for something that is 8 months

I don't think you got the picture, but have it your way (like always).

Seems like you didn't get the picture and assumed that magazines behave
in a certain way. My information here is based on my own experiences
from when I was a media buyer for an ad agency. I'm not sure even how
you got the whole "have it your way like always." There's nothing in
what I stated here that was some kind of demand or order.nor
differentiation from how magazines work their schedule. Only a mention
that magazines want something more current. So, if you really have an
issue with how magazines work, you should take it up with them and
disagree with them for having it their way.

But in any case, we're already talking to several magazines who
are planning to send out 11.4's as soon as its ready.

the 11.3 Promo DVDs are most useful towards "normal people" as Henne
categorized. :-)

Yeah, 'normal people' don't buy magazines ;).


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