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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Calling Ambassadors: DVD requests
  • From: Abhradip mukherjee <abhradip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 01:14:43 +0530
  • Message-id: <cd8d020a0906221244o56df1677p6213131adbf9298d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, can you please stop, we are all supporter of Free Software, Open
Source, Free Thinking, and Sharing with others.

Yes, I think I can when you guys stop pushing me to believe that you
are mocking it. Explain me why a place to list yourself as a person
providing downloaded .iso medias or CD/DVDs in your locality should be
marked as "Nonsense"!!!!???

Your bit is getting
old. And to be honest, the way you are trying to push things, I know
turns a lot people off Free/Opensource Software as something Marxist.
You are doing more harm than good.

I am not trying to provide some "turn on" to people as per their
liking. People must know why they should join Free Software Movement,
why this is needed and what are the benefits. Mere technical answers
would leave them with the idea that this is a good piece of software
that I can use as "alternative" to my non-free system. But if they
understand the correct meaning of free software they will feel that
this is not just an alternative but this is the only ethical choice.
In that way I think I might not be as harmful as you said.

Free Media Persons doesn't exist in the OpenSUSE Project. Gnokii has
written an better Place for this...

It is not supposed to be an official project but must exist as a voluntary one.

I think thats the problem you think we should promote the next release
other think this "Free Media Person" is for new users ;)
The only problem is was no discussion about this here.

Was this your answer to my query? Do you at all understand english or
not? Whats your preferred language? should I post translated text next

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