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Re: [opensuse-m17n] founder fonts dropped, how to use old ones
But I still can't find the fonts of the former FZKaiTi, FZKaiTiB,
FZFangSong, FZMingTiB, FZSongTi.

Am I right to assume that they have been dropped due to unsolved copyright

I guess so. It's a commercial font package.
There are a few alternatives in M17N project.

By reading the package documentation once more, I have noticed that it would
still be possible for
Novell (and by implication probalby its successor) to include these fonts
within its distribution.

The English translation of item 3 of the copyright notice

3.Making use of founder fonts in any form in any non-commercial or

is wrong.

The original says


which means

3. Making use of founder fonts in any commercial or non-commercial product
except for the Novell system products.

Thus I think it would be appropriate for Opensuse to include these packages in
the non-oss
repository once more.

Hartmut Pilch
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