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Re: [opensuse-kde] Could not start process pop3
On 2012/09/08 14:16 (GMT-0400) Bob S composed:

Sven Burmeister wrote:

Am Samstag, 8. September 2012, 01:05:31 schrieb Bob S:

> Presently runnning 12.1 with KDE3 and 12.2 with KDE4.9
> However. in 12.2 I am runniong Kmail 1.9 becauae od the Kmail2
> problems.

> I copied pver all of the swttings from 12.1 to 12.2 (both being Kmail
> 1,9) Kmail will not fetch mail in 12.2 with the message "cpild not start
> process pop3. What am I missing? Setting are both the same in both
> distros.

Isn't kmail 1.9 a KDE3 app? If so opensuse-kde3 is the mailinglist for
issues with it.

Well Sven,thank you for remining me about which list is proper tp post to but
you see, I do not have an issue with kmail on KDE3, It runs just fine there.

I'm not sure everyone understands what's going on here. IIRC, I only installed a very select few KDE3 apps I know you use in 12.2, but the rest of KDE on 12.2, including KDM, is only KDE4.

The issue is running it on KDE4.9. Ergo this is probably the correct list.
Maybe you didnlt read or understand my posting for help,

So tell me, when 4.9 says It cannot start process pop3, what does it mean and
how do I fix it?

Given that cross-posting opensuse lists is frowned upon, opensuse-kde is probably *an* appropriate choice. To be sure, the app non working is a KDE3 app, but who's to say whether the fault it doesn't work is the app's and not the environment's? Until a fix appears, if one appears, it's unknown where the root of the problem lies. Maybe it's neither, possibly a firewall or port assignment problem.

Bob, check to see whether I remembered to get the same user ID(s) assigned in 12.2 as in the older installs. If I didn't, it could be a permissions problem resulting from the data copy process. Check also to see if /etc/profile.local exists in 12.2. If not, copy it from 12.1 or 11.3 - if either of those have it.
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