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[opensuse-kde] Missing dependencies list
  • From: todd rme <toddrme2178@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 12:15:15 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
Here is a list of missing dependencies from KDE:Distro:Factory builds:

I have put together a list of missing dependencies for packages in
KDE:Distro:Factory. They fall in a few categories:

--- 1. Dependencies that appear useful but are not currently packaged
in any openSUSE repositories. These may have legal issues (in rough
order of how important they appear):

QtIndicate or qindicate: Used by choqok, clementine, . An indicator library.

mobile-broadband-provider-info: Used by NetworkManager-KDE4.
Database of mobile broadband service providers. Needed for Mobile
Connection Wizard support in Broadband Modem Management. This is
currently available from packman.

OpenConnect: Used by NetworkManager-KDE4. Cisco AnyConnect compatible
VPN client. Needed for OpenConnect support in Network Management. I
do not see this in OBS at all.

CLucene1: used by strigi for some sort of searching. Only the 0.9
branch of clucene is available in openSUSE.

liblocation: used by marble, presumably for some gps stuff.

libmms: Used by kdnetwork and kradio. Needed to build KGet mms
support. This is currently available from packman.

openjpeg: Free library for JPEG 2000 image compression. Required by
the Krita JPEG 2000 filter. This is currently available from packman.

Spnav: Used by koffice (and calligra). Required by SpaceNavigator 3D
mouse plugin. This is available from several home: repositories.

DCMTK: Used by koffice (and calligra). Required for processing DICOM
structured reports. This is available from several home:

Cuda: Used by opencv, presumably to offload operations onto the
graphics card. Available from several home: repos.

--- 2. Dependencies that are available in OBS, but are not in opensuse-factory:

Qwt: Used by kdebindings-smokeqt, Perl-Qt4, and Ruby-Qt4. Needed to
compile Qwt5 bindings, providing scientific widgets. It is also used
by several scientific packages. It is available in contrib.

QtZeitgeist: Used by kdebase4-runtime and phonon. Zeitgeist and
QtZeitgeist is needed for resource tracking. I have a working package
for this that is now in kde-extra, it can be incorporated at any time.

HUPnP: used by kdelibs. Allows Solid to provide information about
UPnP devices on the network. This is available in several places,
including KUSc. I have built kdelibs with it and it builds fine,
looking at the history I think this was worked on a lot for KDE 4.7.

QNtrack: Used by kdebase4-runtime. Network status tracking library.
Provides data input for Solid network status. It is available from
the Network repository, amongst other places.

ffmpeg: Used by amarok, k3b, kdemultimedia4, kradio, opencv, and
strigi. Headers are available, I can see if these will build with

lame: used by k3b and kradio. Needed for the lame mpf encoder encoder
plugin. Headers are available, I can see if this will build with

mad: used by k3b. Needed for the mp3 audio decoder plugin. Headers
are available, I can see if this will build with them.

FreeTDS: Used by koffice (and calligra). Open source implementation
of the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol. Required by Kexi Sybase
Migration driver. Available from several OBS repos, including

XPlanet: Used by kstars for rendering planets. This was in openSUSE
but removed, now it is in hamradio.

UniCap: Used by opencv, presumably for video capture. It is in
Intel:Moblin2, but hasn't been updated in a while.

--- 3. Dependencies that are available in openSUSE-factory, but are
not currently being used in the package (I can add these easily enough
if there is no reason not to):

R: Used by Cantor. A free software environment for statistical
computing and graphics. Backend to use R with Cantor.

kwebkitpart: used by choqok. Not sure why this isn't being used.

libtidy: used by kdebase4. Gives the Konqueror validators plugin the
ability to validate HTML.

qvoronoi: used by kdegames. Part of the qhull package, needed for the
irregular grid from the Palapeli Slicer.

libkexiv2 and libkdcraw: used by kdegraphics-thumbnailers. Required
to build the RAW thumbnailer

libktorrent: Used by kdebase4-workspace. Needed to build KGet
bittorrent support. Once again, I don't know why this isn't being

msiLBC: Used by kdenetwork. Needed to build Google Talk libjingle
voice call support with iLBC codec

system-config-printer: used by kdeutils. Some of its modules
( and are optionally used by printer-applet for
auto configure of new printers. You should also install the udev
rules from system-config-printer.

Create Resources: Used by koffice (and calligra). Recommended at
runtime for KOffice for optional extra resources.

XBase: Used by koffice (and calligra). Required by Kexi XBase
Migration driver.

OpenGTL and QtGTL: Used by koffice (and calligra). Requires for
various operations. I understand that this is currently broken and a
fix is in-process.

podofo: Used by krename.

libcfitsio0 and libindi: Used by kstars. Once again I am not sure
what is going on here, KDF has these packags and assume they are there
specifically for kstars.

libgps: used by marble for gps operations.

eigen: used by openbabel and opencv.

dbusmenu-qt: used by quassel for the system tray.

python and wxwidgets: used by openbabel, apparently for the guy.

polkit-qt: used by python-kde4.

XInput device properties 2.x: Used by synaptiks. I assume this is
available, although I don't kno in which packages.

--- 4. Dependencies that aren't in openSUSE factory but don't appear
very important:

HSpell: Used by kdelibs4. Spell checking support for Hebrew. Hebrew
support can also be provided via Enchant, providing the correct
Enchant backends are installed. Since enchant is provided, this seems

XMMS 1.x: Used by a lot of packages, but openSUSE is providing XMMS2
now instead.

PvAPI, IPP, and TBB: Used by opencv, but I don't know what thez are or
what opencv uses them for.

SCIM: Used by plasma-addons. I just really, really hate this program.

log4cxx: Used by strigi for advanced logging. Available from
deve:languages:c and c++, but do we really need advanced logging?

HYPHEN: Used by Scribus for hyphenation. It has a built-in one, though.
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