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Re: [opensuse-kde] Re: KDE 4.2 stable repo and KDE live CD respin
  • From: "Marcelo Magno T. Sales" <mmtsales@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 18:52:50 -0300
  • Message-id: <200904031852.50882.mmtsales@xxxxxxxxx>
Em Sex 03 Abr 2009, Martin Schlander escreveu:
Fredag den 3. april 2009 13:16:37 skrev Daniel Mader:
I have never quite understood why we are maintaining fully outdated
versions in the community distribution at all... By the time 11.2
will be out, no serious KDE user will still use 4.1, imo. It's just
not as usable as the alternatives. Other distributions will have
nice 4.2 packages long before openSUSE will officially provide an
update. And factory is *NOT* a real alternative.

The community/beineri developed KDE Reloaded livecd with frozen 4.2.x
maybe an alternative for users that don't want the "excitement" of

About 4.1:
* 4.1 needs to be maintained for SLE anyway.
* I know it's difficult for you to believe, but there are lots and
lots of users (the silent majority who don't appear on irc or
mailinglists) who are happily using 4.1, and for whom an official 4.2
upgrade would cause lots of big problems.

I can second that. In fact, I'm a former Fedora user who is here now
because I finally got really tired of wasting so much time trying to fix
things that broke every time I updated the system (_updated_, not
upgraded). I've been using Fedora since FC3, but gave up after they
released KDE 4.2 for Fedora 10 about two months ago, mainly because of
the multitude of new problems in KMail, which was barely usable in my
opinion. Don't know if it got better in the more recent KDE 4.2.x
I was a big fan of the latest and "greatest" that has always been made
available in Fedora, but since KDE 4.0 I have learned to value stability
over release speed. The only thing I miss in the patched 4.1.x provided
by openSuSE 11.1 stable is Okular's ability to print to PDF. However, I
will be patient and wait until you guys decide it is ready to go to
stable. Everything else I need is there.
Please, keep up with the good work and move new versions to stable repos
only when it is really stable based on users feedback, not when the
developers say it is.

* Breaking the policy once, would open a barn door for discussions
about breaking policy every god damn time, one single user would like
to have some upstream feature released officially.


* Other relatively sane distros do the same thing (Mandriva, Kubuntu)

This is the right thing to do, in my opinion.

There are also distros that do ship 4.2 in a supported way, like
Fedora or Arch, if you really think that rolling release or releasing
major, barely tested upgrades is a model that's desirable.

Yes, it all depends on how much time you are willing to spend fixing
things that break after updates because they were not tested enough and
how much time you need to spend doing real work.
I hope openSuSE continues to be a stable distribution instead of being
one more to deliver the latest broken version of every software.

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