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Re: [opensuse-gnome] I am confused......
On 16/06/11 22:42, Vincent Untz wrote:
Le jeudi 16 juin 2011, à 22:30 +1000, Basil Chupin a écrit :
You ask:

Did you do the complete procedure as described @
<> ?

to which I respond by mentioning what I just wrote above.

Where is this procedure mentioned? The only reference to Gnome3 is
what one reads in the IT news sources which point to where
openSUSe 11.4 with Gnome 3 is available for download as a LIVE
We've consistently referred to this page. See the announcement at
for instance.

And simply looking for "opensuse gnome 3.0" on a search engine directly
links to this page :-)

What else could we do to advertize it more?



Sorry for not responding earlier but I've been trying to restore some of my settings in Firefox etc following this 'from-scratch' installation of Gnome3.

OK, re your question.

It's not an easy question to answer as you know and all I can comment is that doing the single-click installation on the site installed all the necessary files so it is very possible to have this missing (and now I found another one a short time ago[$]) file auto installed even when using the zypper approach. Along the lines of what occurs when one is installing openSUSE and configuring it before the first real boot - particularly what I am referring to here is what happens when I go to configure my TV card and the installation process comes up with a Notice stating that "the following X-Y-Z files need to be installed before I can watch TV, and do I want them installed?".

I haven't used it (as yet :-) ) but I suspect that the 1-click installation of gnome3 (here: ) will also install all the necessary files. The only way which does not produce the full expectations is the "Text Upgrade" method.

What you said about Unfortunately, about the only people who would read it would be those such as yourself because you know that it is there and that such information could be contained there.

The first place I would have thought that this information would appear would be in something like opensuse-announce - but there is nothing there; or even post information in opensuse-help which almost everybody reads. I have to admit that I have not checked this list - opensuse-gnome - to see if this was announced even here. about the only thing I do remember is the announcement to delete the fcrozat repo. and use the Gnome STABLE for gnome3 files.

[$] I have been floundering around trying to figure out how to get adjust some of the gnome3 settings to what I want then to be as I was able to do when I installed gnome3 from the site. Hidden amongst the the "news" item you mention above is a gem which states that there is a tweak file available to be able to tweak gnome3. I looked in Software Manager and found that this gnome-tweak file was not installed. It is now installed but I haven't yet looked at it (I wanted to get this response off to you before continuing to play in the sand pit).


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