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Re: [opensuse-foundation] Reboot. Lets start again, this time organized

To try to bring some focus to the topics and to help everyone know which topics
are currently being discussed and who the moderator is, I updated the wiki
pages. On the main page, I created entries for a moderator, status and results
for each topic. Both you and suseROCKS had AI from previous board meetings, so
I put you on as moderators, then I spread the board members around the topics
to give us some default moderators, we can discuss that.

I also moved some of the details that were on the portal:Foundation page onto a
couple other pages to help cleanly divide out the topics and to give us room
for the content.


On 1/28/2011 at 05:03 AM, in message <4D42B0A4.4060202@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Henne
Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

we have started off not very organized and I would like to change that
now. I think we need to make this a purposeful discussion that has
rules, moderation and an end. Otherwise we'll never get anywhere.

So here is how I want us to do it.

0. In all of this we are trying to find compromise and consensus.
This is not about getting it your way. We need to build something

1. Before we discuss anything we pick someone who moderates the
discussions. The moderator is supposed to summarize, track progress
and call an end to the discussion. We need results!

2. We discuss single aspects of the foundation. Not the whole
foundation and all it's aspects at once. The list of items to
discuss is tracked on the wiki at
We need to focus!

3. We discuss these aspects by trying to make clear our intentions and
by agreeing on the important points. Not by hammering out elaborated
paragraphs of text. Bullet points first, formulations later. We need
to keep track of the important matters!

4. The discussion is limited to arguments. That means if you agree you
don't say anything. NO "I like this!" MAILS. If you disagree with
something you make an argument against it. NO "I don't like this!"
MAILS. We need to keep the length of the discussion to a minimum!

5. We only re-visit a previous discussed topic if the _result_ of
a discussion of another topic is that we need to. When we agree on
something it's the way it is. We need to be able to rely on things!

Comments on those rules? Any additional rule you would want to see?


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