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[openFATE 311014] Create a wow effect for the openSUSE 12 (2012)
Feature changed by: Markus K (KAMiKAZOW)
Feature #311014, revision 12
Title: Create a wow effect for the openSUSE 12 (2012)

openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Important

Requested by: Jean-Daniel Dodin (jdd)
Partner organization:

Next openSUSE will be 11.4. How can we have a really good reason to go
to *12* and not 11.5 there after. We have to create something specially
related to openSUSE (not GNOME, not Kde...). One thing or several,
something that makes people say "wow!!"
this could be, for example, among other things: * give the boxed
version on a blu-ray disk * offer a blu-ray (24Gb) image as download *
give the boxed version on a 24Gb USB flash drive * give the choice at
boot (of the install support) to ** install on the hard drive **
install on a flash USB drive ** launch live from install support **
launch live from ram (and remove install support) ** install to a
remote server, for example a cloud * drop the lizar and take a red
dragon :-) ... Please add yours ideas :-)
thanks jdd

Use Case:
The only use case for this feature is to be a meta feature, collecting
links to other features in openFATE that can be targeted at 12.0.
If participants in discussion have no time to check what is proposed in
other features, and link what is realistically achievable within a
year, then it is better not to comment.

#1: Peter Gumbrell (gumb) (2010-12-23 12:54:39)
This comes down a lot to personal taste. Not meaning to be dismissive,
but none of your proposed features would make me go 'Wow'! I recall the
9.3 and 10.3 distro releases had a lot of wow factor for me personally,
yet I read reviews at the time that were critical of them being only a
minor upgrade. Anyway, the version numbering has always been something
of a red herring especially with SUSE, where it has traditionally often
been guided by enterprise release schedules. The amount of changes and
new features being crammed into the upcoming 11.4 makes me believe this
will be one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - step up between SUSE
releases in many years, but I can guarantee the usual flood of lazy web
reviews and blogs which will take the version number as the key
differentiator and assume this to be nothing more than a point release.
As for the future numbering, I believe there's a separate discussion
about that somewhere and I don't know the latest decision, but I think
2011 presents a great opportunity to consolidate the numbering by
jumping to 11.11 for the November release, and then 12.7 for the
subsequent July 2012 edition. This would bring openSUSE in line with
many other products' and distros' year-based numbering schemes yet
preserve backwards/forwards compatibility which I know has been stated
as a prerequisite of any new system.

#2: Martin Seidler (pistazienfresser) (2010-12-23 15:13:04)
See also for one of the proposed features
openFATE #311011 Boot option "toram" on (311011)

#3: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2010-12-23 15:34:35)
I suggest to place more options for auto-repair. OpenSUSE 10.0 and some
older have on DVD releases option to repair existing system. On newest
version we don't have support for this. I think rather about
possibility to insert live CD into CD drive and select repair existing
system in Yast. It would check filesystems and allow us to check
dependences, etc. It could even copy wallet(GDE/GNOME) files, firmware
files to allow us to connect onto internet and do chroot via Yast to
software management.
Anyway - there must exist way to run chrooted environment to repair
system in easy way. Additional points if we could to run Yast.

#4: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2010-12-23 15:37:38) (reply to #3)
For me repainring my system is time to run liveCD system and connect to
internet. But many users prefer reinstall of existing system. I think
that wow effect should be: my system is broken, because I order to
install systemd without kernel supporting control groups and cancel all
dependency warnings. Now i place LiveCD onto drive, click run Yast for
existing system and fix it in few seconds.

#5: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2010-12-23 15:42:57)
Place movie showing well-configured desktop environment(like KDE4 SC)
on youtube. We could enable OpenSUSE with gesture support, Klipper
actions enabled, etc. We now showing this features and offer to select
on installation "enable KDE additional functionality for me" or just
place configuration files on the network.
Remember, that KDE environment is number one for OpenSUSE project, It's
default desktop and many polish was added by OpenSUSE team. It had
better UI for any other operating system/DE on PC platform. We should
promote it.

#6: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2010-12-23 15:45:09)
Add possibilities to load external languages from USB stick or another
CD. Allow to load external languages from CD asking for it on system
boot. User will only remove current (LiveCD) CD and insert additional
language CD. Additional packages will be installed onto ramdisk and
system asks to insert LiveCD again.

#7: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2010-12-23 20:42:32)
Feature status is changed to New, and added use case. Please link
features that you want to see and it is possible to achieve within a
year. Any feature in openFATE including this one can be rejected if it
is highly unlikely that it will be ever implemented.

+ #8: Markus K (kamikazow) (2011-01-02 04:09:47)
+ openSUSE 12.0 will probably feature GNOME 3.1 and Unity. Isn't that
+ enough?
+ How to handle boxed versions is the responsibility of Open-SLX (the
+ retail openSUSE distributor).

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