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[openFATE 306982] Create an open SLES
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 13:07:08 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: Stephan Binner (Beineri)
Feature #306982, revision 8
Title: Create an open SLES

- Buildservice: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE-11.2: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Stephen Shaw (decriptor)

It would be great to have something like centos but that is based off
of SLES.  This would give people the abililty to use openSLES (for
example) and move over to SLES if needed.  I believe it would help to
grow our user base in the enterprise as well by allowing small
companies to start and grow and later move to a supported model.  I
don't think we would loss customers as these are the people that
probably wouldn't be buying licenses in the first place.    As they
grow this could completely change and they would be well positioned to
buy support from Novell.

#1: Stephen Shaw (decriptor) (2009-07-29 19:29:57)
I think there are tons of good reasons for this.  Please add them as
you can.

#2: Alexandre Rogoski (aledr) (2009-07-29 20:23:22)
We offer server services to a lot of our customers and we use openSUSE
for their server since years ago. They like to know that openSUSE is
enhanced by Novell, it gives credibility to openSUSE. And as soon as
their business grow they can turn on Novell customers too.
I guess this is a commom scenario around the world.

#3: Stephan Kleine (bitshuffler) (2009-07-29 21:41:44)
Actually, with the current decision to reduce the lifetime to 2
releases + 2 months (with the current "one release every 8 months"
policy lifetime get's reduced to 75% from former 24 months to mere 18)
this is more important than ever because most wont bother installing a
server with such a short lifetime.
It was said that the community is free to create a community supported
LTS and Novell will help to provide the necessary infrastructure but
will not help by maintaining any packages. I really doubt there are
that many people able to properly backport e.g. security fixes and
drivers for the kernel and so on which is why I think the idea of a
"cummunity supported LTS" wont work (or at least wont produce anything
one wants to run on a public server).
Therefore I would like to suggest the following: Create a LTS version
based on the openSUSE version on which SLE is based and also apply the
SLE fixes to it with a lifetime of 3-5 years. Perhaps reduce it to what
is needed on a server without any X, KDE, Gnome et al so it should be
quite some work less, compared to the "full" system, and since it is
done anyways for SLE it shouldn't matter that much anyways.
That way one could be comfortable to have a professionaly maintained
system without any dangling sword of Damocles (which is IMHO how a
"community maintained LTS" sounds).
Why doesn't that harm Novell / SLE sales:
1) It would be an easy entry level to get a professional server OS for
free and then later update to SLE once support / more is needed. I
can't provide any numbers but currently you have the choice between
CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu (somehow). Naturally people who install
CentOS wont switch to SLE once they need support but to RHEL since it's
pretty much the same.
2) If you concentrate on the server there's no chance it could harm
3) Novell targets only big sales. That would be an easy entry point for
smaller corporations who then will upgrade to SLE once they need
support / more. Last but not least that's also the reason why their
fear that an openSLE will decrease SLE sales is a big logical fail in
the first place.
4) Red Hat apparently is doing mighty fine not albeight there is CentOS
but because of it.
Also, together with Ubuntu, we were the only distro to offer a LTS
edition. Contrary to theirs ours would work ;D
So, IMHO creating an openSUSE LTS would really help SLE but merely
"community supported" without SLE patches it wont happen.

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