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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200220 released! - hanging update of an older system!
On 24. 02. 20, 14:15, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
The recommended workflow should be:

zypper dup
etc-update <with top level dir from rpmconfigcheck>

Ugh, too complicated and too error-prone (easy to forget). On the top of
that, despite using TW since the beginning, I don't even know about
these tools (the last one is not even installed by default). How an
average user should know this then? (And sure, it's not only about TW.)

And still, if a tool (yast or rpm %post) changed a config, not a user,
how the user is supposed to decide? Namely, I mean the nsswitch.conf
issue? Well, look at a today's example:

Would be nice, if zypper could be tricked into calling these automatically.

+1 -- that was exactly my point. And that's what apt/aptitude in debian

So far, as it stands, it still holds that *noone* can expect users are
scanning / for .rpm{new,save} and handle them. Despite everyone is
expected to. No matter how incorrect/unsafe/non-technical/whatever it
is, the users don't. Note that my oldest .rpmnew (hiding somewhere in
/usr) was from 2007, but who cares.

suse labs
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