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Re: [opensuse-factory] NetworkManager does not recognize security type [was: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200103 released!]
Am 04.01.20 um 21:01 schrieb Dominique Leuenberger:
==== NetworkManager ====
Version update (1.18.4 -> 1.22.2)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-lang libnm0 typelib-1_0-NM-1_0

- Update to version 1.22.2:
+ Fix multiple issues in the internal DHCP client, including
wrong parsing of search domains and classless routes options,
and failures in obtaining and renewing the lease with certain
server configurations.
+ Export NM_CAPABILITY_OVS capability on D-Bus and in libnm to
indicate that the OVS plugin is loaded.
+ Fix libnm annotations for nm_sriov_vf_get_vlan_ids() to allow
the usage of the function through GObject introspection.
- Update to version 1.22.0:
+ Drop support for BlueZ 4. BlueZ 5 was released in 2012 and
should nowadays be available everywhere.
+ DHCP: switch "internal" DHCPv4 plugin from code based on
systemd to use nettools' n-dhcp4 library.
+ Add support for "scope" attribute for IPv4 routes.
+ Add support for specifying IAID and FQDN flags for DHCP
+ Add a '802-1x.optional' property to consider the wired 802.1X
authentication as optional.
+ Use the Network Cost Wi-Fi information element to determine
metered device state.
+ Support main.auth-polkit=root-only setting to disable PolicyKit
use and restrict authorization to root user.
+ core: declare "startup complete" when device reaches
"connected" state, even if IP addressing methods did not yet
fully complete. This changes behavior for unblocking
"NetworkManager-wait-online.service", and
"" earlier. If this causes issues in your
setup, you may need to configure "ipv4.may-fail=no" or
"ipv6.may-fail=no", which delays reaching "connected" state for
the address family accordingly.
+ libnm: hide NMObject and NMClient typedefs from header files.
This prevents the user from subclassing these types and is an
ABI change (in the unlikely case that a user was subclassing
the types, which is no longer supported).
+ libnm: retire deprecated WiMAX API NMDeviceWimax and
NMWimaxNsp. WiMAX support was removed from NetworkManager in
version 1.2 (2016) and no such type instances would have been
created by NMClient for a while now.
+ Deprecate synchronous API for D-Bus calls in libnm. We don't
remove libnm API so you are free to continue using it. But
tells you that using it might be a bad idea.
+ libnm: heavily internal rework NMClient. This slims down libnm
and makes the implementation more efficient. NMClient should
work now well with a separate GMainContext.
+ Add `nmcli general reload` subcommand to reload NetworkManager
configuration and DNS settings.
+ nm-cloud-setup: add new tool for automatically configuring
NetworkManager in cloud. This is still experimental and
currently only EC2 and IPv4 is supported.
+ Add new NetworkManager logo to "contrib/art/logo".
+ Various bug fixes and improvements.
- Disable networkmanager-checks-po.patch: Needs rebase.
- Add new nm-cloud-setup.service to pre/post/preun/postun calls.
- Update to version 1.20.8:
+ Fix handling of system CA certificates in the ifcfg parser.
+ Handle ReachableTime and RetransTimer from IPv6 Router
+ Fixed setting of MTU according to its parent device for some
device types.
+ Various fixes for the initramfs configuration genertor.
- Update to version 1.20.6:
+ Fix updating agent-owned VPN secrets.
+ Adjust IWD support to new D-Bus path of IWD 1.0.
+ Introduce an 'optional' property in the 802-1x setting to
allow the activation to proceed in case of missing
+ Fix ARP announcements for IP addresses configured on
+ Use proper interface when adding s390 specific details in
initrd generator.
+ Don't disable PMF on Wi-Fi connections using SAE.
+ Properly handle uint16 property types in libnm.

After today's update to TW20200103 Networkmanager does not provide
information about the security type of wifi networks anymore (KDE Plasma
5.17.4-> network applet->wifi connection->Details->Security type:
"Unkown security type" instead of WPA2-PSK).

Any idea? Upstream issue? Thx.

Regards, Frank
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