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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE reproducible builds status 2019-05

last month's status:

Last months' reproducible builds project updates (including my work):
The 2019-05 report is still a raw draft.

I uploaded today
and rbstats are:
total-packages: 11911
build-tried: 11909
build-failed: 53
build-tried: 11909
build-n-a: 111
build-succeeded: 11745
build-official-failed+na: 182
build-compare-failed: 338
build-compare-succeeded: 11407

verified-semi-reproducible: 9937
verified-bit-identical: 0

bit-by-bit-identical: 11105
not-bit-by-bit-identical: 636
shows the change over time
lists very unreproducible core packages (bootstrap+DVD)

Of the badly unreproducible packages,
5 were in ring0
42 were in ring1

That makes it 47/2901 => 1.62 %
which is below the overall average of
338/11745 => 2.88 %

636/11745 => 5.42 % of packages are not perfectly reproducible

Nearly fixed:

already fixed upstream

Some progress with .bau files - those are now reproducible thanks
to a mtime-normalization patch in the zip package.
Remaining variations in .thm, .sdg, overview-summary.html and
segments_3 files

Newly unreproducible:
/usr/sbin/containerd-shim has buildid variations from parallelism
similar to many other go packages

go1.12 (same problems as 1.10 and 1.11 have)
variations in -a files and binaries: go, trace, pprof,
objdump, nm, addr2line

python-numpy .pyc file variation (maybe ref counters)

python-tox .pyc files contain random /tmp/ path from pip install
affects 27+ packages atm

Bernhard M.

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