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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE reproducible builds status 2019-04

last month's status:

Last months' reproducible builds project updates (including my work):
They are currently switching to monthly reports with the 2019-04 one
still in progress.

I uploaded today
and rbstats are:
total-packages: 11721
build-tried: 11720
build-failed: 70
build-n-a: 111
build-succeeded: 11539
build-official-failed+na: 123

build-compare-failed: 290
build-compare-succeeded: 11249

verified-semi-reproducible: 9719
verified-bit-identical: 0

bit-by-bit-identical: 10933
not-bit-by-bit-identical: 598
shows that the last weeks had pretty little change.

The 'verified-semi-reproducible' number went up because I was able to
build most packages with older Tumbleweed binaries thanks to

There are still some Tumbleweed binaries from before February that
cannot be reproduced due to missing build deps.

Of the badly unreproducible packages,
5 were in ring0
41 were in ring1

That makes it 46/2901 => 1.59 %
which is below the overall average of
290/11539 => 2.51 %

Fixed core packages since last month:

from improved build-compare

many python modules
from restored python3 byte_compile sort patch

Newly unreproducible core (DVD) packages:
parallelism race causes 5120x3200.jpg to go missing silently
already fixed in

filesystem readdir order via
maybe from cd src/designer/src/ && qmake -o Makefile

Also, tchvatal looked into libreoffice and found some unreproducible
.zip files (named .jar and .bau)

Bernhard M.

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